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Why Don’t Conventional Vets Recommend Raw Feeding?

Why Don’t Conventional Vets Recommend Raw Feeding?

Conventional vets are just not educated about nutrition aside from what the pet food and pharmaceutical corporations provide.  After all, it is those corporations that donate large sums of money to support the veterinary programs.  As a result of highly processed and/or synthetic ingredients kibble diets along with over-vaccination, kidney disease and cancer have become extremely common.  It should be common sense for vets to understand that a biologically appropriate diet (BARF diet).  Species appropriate nutrition is critical, but dogs are getting more and more diseased because of ignorance. 

I realize that this video is from Australia, but the same holds true in the United States.  If you would like to read more about raw diets check out:  Why a Raw Diet is Vital.  If you can stomach it, I recommend reading Dog Food – All About it and What’s REALLY in Dog Food.  

For beginners in raw feeding, I recommend Barfworld.  To read about the Barfworld, check out my article The BEST Dog Food for Beginners.  Barfworld is a very high-quality food that includes healthy whole food like fruits and veggies.  It comes in nuggets and patties so it is very easy to portion. 

For more advanced raw feeders I recommend Raw Paws.  You can read more about their food in my article The BEST Dog Food for the Advanced.  In that article, I discuss the Raw Paws diet which requires more work because of preparation.  Barfworld comes in the form of patties and nuggets.  While some of Raw Paws food is available in the form of patties, the price (pound per pound) is quite higher than the bulk (which takes some time to portion out).  Some advanced raw feeders prefer to add their own whole food supplements.  The Barfworld diet already contains whole food supplements while Raw Paws doesn’t.


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