The Biggest Craze in Natural Dog Chews

So you want to know about natural chews for dogs? It is certainly NOT rawhide. Rawhide is typically filled with chemicals and is very difficult for the body to digest. Many dogs experience upset stomach, gas, and diarrhea from rawhide chews. It might sound gross, but esophagus, meaty bones, tendons, beef straps, and bully sticks are fabulous chews for dogs. The products in this article come from Pawstruck. The treats mentioned above are natural so they don’t contain pesticides, chemicals, dyes or preservatives. Such natural chews have become very popular amongst dog enthusiasts. What are “straps” and “bully sticks?” you might ask. Beef straps are strips of beef back muscle. If you don’t know what bully sticks are, hold on to your hat. Okay… It sounds gross, but bully sticks are bull penises.

You can purchase them at Pawstruck by clicking onto the order images or the little Dachshund below.  See the order area below.  Your dog will love them.  Clicking on the links on my website has NO effect on your price, but it does give me a small commission which allows me to devote my time to this website.  Thank you for your support.


Pawstruck Dach Bullystick Framed


Why are all these chews the new rage? What makes them so great?

-They are safer and healthier than rawhide -They are natural. As I mentioned previously, they contain no pesticides, chemicals, dyes or preservatives
-They keep dogs occupied by allowing them to gnaw on something that is acceptable to chew on (damage control)
-They are fully digestible so they are easy on the body
-They are healthy and rich in protein and other nutrients
-They last longer than most chews
-They are very good for the teeth and help maintain good oral hygiene
-They provide a chewing activity that relieves some pent up energy


About Pawstruck & What Makes them so Great:


Two things to keep in mind:

1. They are toxic for humans to eat, but dogs have a digestive system that is designed to safely handle bacteria. Dogs are biologically designed to deal with bacteria. This is why they are able to handle biologically appropriate raw diets. Likewise, human bodies are able to handle onions, but onions are highly toxic for dogs. Wash your hands after making contact with bully sticks.
2. They tend to be high in calories so be careful not to over do it.


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