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Vets Cash in on Vaccines

Vets Cash in on Vaccines

I read an article that discussed how vets are charging different prices for the 1-year rabies and the 3-year rabies. If you have been following my articles about rabies vaccines that show that research indicates that the contents of each vial are identical. The number on the labels merely indicate how long the studies were performed until the results were recorded. Dr. Ronald Schultz and his team are responsible for exposing this. Titer tests have already shown that our pets are protected long after the labels are disclosing. Schultz is continuing will continue to test for several years as they prove that the rabies antibodies actually remain active for a minimum of 8 years (possibly providing lifetime immunity). Unfortunately, our legislation rarely takes science into account as it would be very damaging to the pharmaceutical industry. Even for humans we see commercials for medication which are not adequately studied. They are released for doctors to prescribe. Even with the warnings that a medication for depression might have side effects like possible suicide and a patient might lose his penis or develop cancer. Next, we see a commercial from a law firm because lawsuits are popping up constantly.

Here’s the scoop on the rabies vaccine. I called several vets and asked what the prices were for the 1-year versus the 3-year vaccine. Many of the prices were the same, but several charged as much as $13 more for the 3-year shot. I called 12 different veterinary practices to find out the cost of the shots. It appeared that there was a pattern. The cost of the shots ranged between the cost of the shots ranged from $18 to $45. The practices that had lower prices charged different prices for the two versions of the vaccine. The question is WHY!!!

Money Fan in HandsOne vet told whose prices were at the lower end of the spectrum told me that he would lose money if he lowered the price. My thought was – why not just make the prices are equal?  Being the relentless person I am and my craving to understand things as clearly as possible, I decided to take a different approach. I called the pharmaceutical companies which confirmed that the prices are in fact different. For legal reasons, I won’t disclose the brands, but one told me the prices. I was told by one of the companies that they are not permitted to disclose prices to the consumers. One company told me though (I guess it was someone’s first day on the job and didn’t know that rule).  I had seen prices as low as 60 cents per vial from many sources, but the following is what the pharmaceutical company disclosed to me.

1 yr. rabies vaccine tray was priced at $124.44
3 yr. rabies vaccine tray was priced at $142.29

So the next question was – how many shots per tray? The answer: 50 shots!!!

That means vets are paying $2.50 for each 1-year vial and $2.85 for each 3-year vial. I rounded those costs to the nearest penny so excuse me for not being exact – LOL. 

So the vet who told me he would be losing money would lose the grand total of 36 cents per shot – OUCH!!!

Dr. Karen Becker explains how dogs are being over-vaccinated.  She also adds that giving so many vaccines is financially rewarding to vets.


The vets that I called use the 1-year vial for the initial puppy shot then a year later give the 3-year shot. They give the “one year” to puppies because puppies get one booster later on.  Some vets still give the one year shot each year.  This is a strategy to get another office visit the next year for yet another vaccine. I have reason to believe that many vets are unaware that the vaccines are identical. I had spoken to a few vets who told me that they THINK that the vaccines are the same. A couple rambled on about the serology, blah, blah, blah and told me that the sales reps had told them that. Conventional vets were most often clueless. Holistic and integrative vets study this stuff in depth and understand that by over-vaccinating conflicts with the goal of keeping dogs healthy.  They are far more careful about vaccinating our pets. Conventional vets are less likely to consider the ingredients that the vaccine itself is suspended in (i.e., formaldehyde, metals…). 

The same vaccines are given to a 2-pound dog as a 200-pound human.  Studies have shown that administering a fraction of the vaccine to a tiny dog has the same effect as administering the entire dose.  The difference is that the smaller dose is not as overwhelming or toxic as the dose for a 200-pound person.  Unfortunately, the entire dose of rabies is required by law.

I will go into how vaccines work and how they are so damaging, but that will be on another day.  Dr. William Falconer explains beautifully how vaccines work.  Vaccines cripple a dog’s immunity because vaccines confuse the immune system and cause far more damage than the majority of conventional vets know. Falconer simply explained that naturally, dogs do not become exposed to clusters of diseases.  When combination vaccines are given it forces the immune system to fight off several diseases at once.   Also, when a dog is exposed to a disease naturally, it is via the nose or mouth (with exception to rabies which is transferred blood).  The virus has a chance to go through a bunch of channels before it reaches the bloodstream.  The journey through the dog’s system (from the entry point and through the dog’s body) allows the immune system to weaken the virus.  When a vaccine is injected it bypasses that path.

Nutrition is critical to a healthy immune system.  When a dog is not on a species appropriate diet and eating synthetic and/or highly processed food, the body is not as well-equipped to deal with vaccines.  Allergies are a clear indication of immunity issues, yet many conventional vets are vaccinating despite.

I get so worked up about this stuff.  The majority of dogs have either cancer, kidney disease, and obesity.  The food and the vaccines are killing our dogs.

A great article was written in 2009 (prior to the AHAA guidelines in 2011) is called Over-Vaccination of Pets – An Unethical Practice.  Despite knowledge for years about the duration of vaccines and despite the excessive recommendations by the AHAA, most vets continue to abuse vaccines.  There is extensive proof of this abuse and the damage that over-vaccination is causing.  See more overwhelming evidence in Over-vaccinations of Dogs with Parvo and other Vaccines Remains Prevalent Practice.  Another comprehensive article by Dr. Ronald Schultz is called An Update – What Everyone Needs to Know About Canine and Feline Vaccination Programs.  All this proof and most conventional vets STILL continue to over-vaccinate and make our dogs sicker and sicker.

To read more about vaccines you may check out my article Are Vaccines REALLY Safe?




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