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The MOST Nutritious Ingredient for Dogs

The MOST Nutritious Ingredient for Dogs

So what is it?  Green Tripe!

You might have seen tripe in the grocery store in its bleached form. Tripe is the stomach of a ruminating (grazing) animal. These animals include cows, buffalo, and sheep. Unlike the stomach of a dog, ruminants have four chambers. The chambers serve to process the grass. During the digestion process, a rich abundance of enzymes and amino acids are released. Green tripe is packed with probiotics as well.  It has been referred to as “green tripe” because it contains green grass. Basically, tripe is the stomach lining along with partially digested grass along with all the juices that go along with it. YUCK!!! That all sounds really gross. 

Dogs bodies process food differently than we do.  The majority of conventional vets are not trained to understand nutrition.  We are humans and we must understand that we are a different species. This is for dogs – NOT for human consumption. Many well-versed nutritionists would argue that Green tripe is probably the healthiest source of nutrition on earth for dogs.


Green Tripe

Green Tripe

Green Tripe

Green Tripe


So what’s so great about digestive enzymes?
– Enzymes aid in digestion (obviously)
– Enzymes purify and cleanse the bloodstream of toxins
– Enzymes help the body to rid the body of toxins, parasites, and fungus
– Enzymes boost metabolism
– Enzymes boost the immune system
– Enzymes balance hormonal function
– Enzymes increase stamina
– Enzymes keep skin healthy with its essential fatty acids
– Enzymes prevent tartar & plaque buildup on teeth


Green Tripe 2

Here’s another pic of green tripe!


Where do MY dogs get their green tripe from?
I have fed my dogs the Barfworld diet because their food contains green tripe. I love the combination of ingredients in the Barfworld diet.  To read more about the raw Barfworld diet read What I Feed My Own Dogs.

Barfworld Food and Package

I began to feed my dogs green tripe alone recently for four meals per week.  I give them four green tripe meals per week.  I purchase my green tripe from the Raw Paws – green tripe page.  You can read Best Food for the Advanced to learn more about Raw Paws raw diets.

Raw Paws Green Tripe

Green Tripe fro Raw Paws

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