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Cloning Your Dog

Cloning Your Dog

We all love our dogs. Each dog has unique physical attributes. You can find plenty of mass produced products that have characteristics of certain breeds. Cuddle Clones are 100% custom designed to look like YOUR dog and the his own quirky, one of a kind characteristics that are unique to him only.

The concept of Cuddle Clones can be deeper than just having an adorable stuffed animal that looks just like yourCuddle Clones Pit own dog. I have known people who have lost their dogs due to various situations (including death or due to a custody battle). I also know someone who takes her dog’s photo with her on business trips. A friend of mine has a son who is nervous about going to kindergarten and wants to take his best friend with him (his dog).  Cuddle clones can offer some people a sense of warmth and peace as they can remember their pets when they are not close by.


This is how it works:

Cuddle Clones Scnauzer-Upload least one picture of your pet
-Choose ear & tail position and more
-Submit any other distinguishing features
-Add products to your cart
-Type in EDogs at checkout for your 10% discount
-Submit your order

It takes around 8 – 10 weeks for delivery, but there are rush delivery options as well.

Not only does Cuddle Clones custom design stuffed animal to resemble dogs, but they also create stuffed animals that resemble other pets including cats, rabbits guinea pigs, birds, horses, and other animals.

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Cuddle Clones also make beds, collars, t-shirts, hoodies, figurines, memorials, and ornaments. Each of their products are custom made. Their beds are made from bison leather (with color options). The inside of the bed is made with orthopedic memory foam and may be ordered with a faux fur or bison shearling cover. They are beautiful!


 Cuddle Clones Products

Cuddle Clones 3

Cuddle Clones gives back to the pet community whenever and wherever possible through pet-related causes and animal charities. A portion of each Cuddle Clone purchase goes to various charities.


Coupon!  If you purchase Cuddle Clones through my website you may use the Essentially Dogs Coupon which gives you 10% off your purchase.  Just type in “EDogs” (without the quotes) upon payment.  Visit Cuddle Clones!

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