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4 Natural Remedies for Fireworks Anxiety

4 Natural Remedies for Fireworks Anxiety

Uh oh… Here we go again.  The 4th of July is drawing closer. I can visualize my dogs on that evening. As the fireworks blast Harriet freaks out.  She starts trembling and panting.  Her eyes practically pop out of their sockets. She runs for cover into a closet or seeks refuge in the bathroom behind the toilet.  I prefer to use holistic methods as opposed to drugging my dogs up as conventional vets have suggested the temporary use of Benadryl to do the same job for my dogs.  This infuriates me!  Unfortunately, this is not a part of conventional veterinary medicine.  Therefore, the majority of vets who limit their practices to conventional veterinary medicine have no clue about alternative treatments.  I have used several holistic remedies for my dogs.  As far as anxiety and nervousness goes, these remedies are the best.  I combine the following products on occasions that cause excessive anxiety for my dogs.


4 natural remedies to alleviate anxiety:


1.  ThunderShirt order button

Thundershirt Healthypets

ThunderShirt applies constant pressure to the dog’s body which has a calming effect.  It is similar to swaddling an infant.  It is the original manufacturer of this type of product.





2.  Dog Appeasing Pheromones – DAPorder button

Adaptil Products

DAP is safe synthetic dog appeasing pheromones. It reproduces the properties of the natural pheromones that the lactating mother naturally provides to her puppies. The substance helps to calm and reassure her puppies and the DAP products performs in the same way for dogs who are nervous and frightened.  This brand comes in four different forms.  It comes in a spray, a collar, wipes, and an electric diffuser which you plug into an outlet.




3.  PetAcousticsorder button

Pet Acoustics Dog

Pet Acoustics is a bluetooth speaker that contains a music compilation that is specifically geared toward the hearing and brain activity of dogs to induce calmness.  To read about how music affects dogs you may check out my article, Pet Tech – Music & Dogs in which I included Pet Acoustics.



4. PetCalmorder button

PetCalmPetCalm is an excellent homeopathic remedy made from a combination plant extracts and minerals. I find it to be very helpful. The formula comes in a spray and also in granule form.  Both formulas are taken orally.  PetCalm helps to calm and balance the dog that is expressing anxiety through unusually excessive behaviors like hyperactivity, jumping, barking, or chewing.

PetCalm™ is a homeopathic remedy. This means that it cannot be tossed around into a bag. It must be stored away from electronics, heat, sunlight, and spices. You must keep it undisturbed until you need to use it. The properties of homeopathic substances are VERY sensitive.

Although I have no video for this product, I have used it for years and I have found it to be very helpful.  I have also used other products from this manufacturer as well.  They make homeopathic remedies for people which can be found in the PetAlive section of the website.

The buy 2 get 1 free is only valid on same product sku only – not valid on ComboPacks.  The offer is only valid in the USA.


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