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Pentobarbital Dog Food Contamination

Certain Evanger's  products - Hunk of Beef and Against the Grain products were found to be contaminated with pentobarbital.  The picture above shows a pug named Talula.  Her owner Nikki Mael took the pic of her beloved dog who died from eating Evanger's contaminated food.  Her three other dogs became very ill,...

This Vet is in Trouble for being Ethical

Dr. John Robb of Bridgeport, Connecticut was recently placed on probation by the state Veterinary Board.  Dr. Robb has been dosing the rabies vaccine according to the work of Dr. Ronald Schultz and Dr. Jean Dodds who renowned experts in immunology and vaccinology.   Schultz and Dodds have been at the forefront of veterinary...

Prescription Diets – Another Veterinary Myth?

So you think that conventional vets are caring for our pets when they prescribe these so-called "prescription diets."  The efficacy of such diets are questionable to say the least.  Conventional vets who sell this stuff are making high commissions as our dogs become sicker.  Whenever I see those prescription diets on...

Dog Anxiety & Creating a Refuge

Surroundings A Little Background Dogs can be comforted by things in the environment that many of us don't even think of.  One way of helping dogs to cope with anxiety is to provide a safe and comfortable refuge. Crates are meant to be "happy places" for dogs.  There are also...