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How to Trim Nails & Why it’s so Important

Why is trimming nails so important? Long nails are lead to aches and pains in the feet.  The digits ("fingers") can become splayed or the bones might appear similar to knuckles sticking up on top of the paws.  Arthritis can set in due pressure of their body weight on their nail instead...

Buying a Puppy – Red Flags

There are many people out there who are trying to make a buck as they abuse dogs in the puppy mill industry and take advantage of consumers who don't know about the horrors, abuse, and neglect that puppies endure from birth.  The industry is poorly regulated and if there are...

DIY Essential Oils for Dog Anxiety

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils  A Little Background Although the term"aromatherapy" was coined in 1920's, the use of essential oils for their healing properties goes further back. Hippocrates who was known as the “Father of Medicine” studied the effects of essential oils on health. He also promoted the use of essential...

The Natural Way to Avoid Costly Cleanings

I've gotta be honest here.  I used to brush Harriet's and Beverly's teeth each day.  I even flossed between two teeth that were really close together in poor Bevi's mouth.  I have become lazy about this.  Shame on me!  Dogs are meant to clean teeth as they would in nature....

Update on Dr. Robb – The Hero

New legislation is being debated to permit vets to vaccinate according to protocols determined by science as opposed to what manufacturers decide to put onto labels. I recently wrote an article, This Vet is in Trouble for being Ethical when Dr. John Robb of Bridgeport, placed on probation by the...