Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Dr. Andrew Jones, a veterinarian from Canada, gained notoriety for being outspoken about the unethical and irresponsible practices of many veterinarians who practice traditional medicine.  He continues to educate the public about Veterinary Secrets as he exposes the truth.



Dr. Jones’s Natural Animal Care Course – Online Course

This is an 8 Section / 119 Lecture, Online At-Home Natural Health Care Education for Dog and Cat Owners.  It provides a comprehensive understanding of pet health and alternative and holistic treatments including homeopathy, herbs, acupressure, nutraceuticals and much more!


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Pet First Aid Secrets – Complete Canine & Feline First Aid Manual – Download

At the time of an emergency it is crucial to know what to do until you are able to get to the vet.
Learn what to do immediately if your pet:

Pet First Aid Secrets - Complete Canine and Feline First Aid Manual (eBook)

-is choking
-is hit by a car
-stops breathing
-is bleeding and how to stop it
-has heatstroke
-has hypothermia
-has broken a leg
-has a chest injury
-is suffering from shock
-has been bitten by a poisonous snake or spider
-plus many other emergencies

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Veterinary Secrets Revealed – Getting Started Kit – DVD Version or Download

This kit includes several e-Books & video tutorials.

Getting Started Kit Image

1. Getting Started Kit Guide (eBook Download)
This is an introduction to the course which includes printable worksheets.

2. An Introduction to Healing Your Pets at Home (Video Download)
Introduces the benefits of natural home health care, how to perform an at-home exam, and a discussion of the basic healing modalities.

3. Getting Started Kit – The At-Home Pet Health Exam Tutorial (Video Download)
Provides a detailed tutorial video on how to perform an exam on your pets, at home.

4. Introduction to Homeopathy, Herbs, Acupuncture and Massage (Video Download)
Provides a detailed discussion and demonstration of the 4 main healing modalities: Homeopathy, Herbs, Massage and Acupressure.

5. Healing Your Pets With Herbs (eBook Download)
Covers herb preparations and introduces the top 16 herbs used in veterinary medicine, nutritive tonics, drug interactions, and side effects.  Herbal remedies and for treating your pet.

6. Healing Your Pets With Homeopathy (eBook Download)
This provides a more detailed explanation of homeopathy, choosing and administering remedies for various health issues.

7.  Healing Your Pets with Massage (eBook Download)
How to apply massage step by step to address various health issues and a discussion about vaccine alternatives.

8. Healing Your Pets With Acupressure (eBook Download)
How to apply acupressure step by step to address various health issues.

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Veterinary Secrets Revealed 2nd EditionPrint Version or Download

Veterinary Secrets Second Ed

-End your pet’s diarrhea fast
-Help your pet’s leaking bladder
-Find effective solutions to battle cancer
-Find the specific massage points for hip dysplasia
-Manage your pet’s diabetes
-Relieve constipation
-Reduce vomiting episodes
-Ease aches in your pet’s back
-Eliminate painful ear mites safely and naturally
-Treat your pet’s dental problems
-Prevent pancreatitis
-Treat your pet’s arthritis at home

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CPR for Dogs & Cats Instructional Video – Download

This is a 30-minute detailed demonstration and explanation of how to perform CPR on your pet.

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An Introduction to Healing Your Pet at Home – DVD

Secrets Healing Home

-Healing the natural way
-Basics of how to care for your sick pet at home
-How to perform an at-home pet health exam
-Neutraceuticals and how and when to use
-Herbal Healing and how to use and apply herbal remedies for allergies and other diseases
-Homeopathy remedies for injuries/shock, digestive issues, and more
-Pet Massage including specific techniques, how to apply them to treat health issues
-Acupressure including application, proper technique for the treatment of seizures, joint pain and arthritis, general health and wellness, and hip dysplasia

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Veterinary Secrets Revealed At-Home Exam -DVD

Secrets Home Health Exam

This DVD consists of eight parts:

Part 1 (Introduction): Temperature, Pulse and Respiration
-Knowing when your pet has a fever and how to measure your pet’s temperature
-How to know if your pet breathing normally
-How to check respiration, and listen to your pet’s lungs
-How to take your pet’s pulse

Part 2: Eyes, Ears and Nose
-Deciding when to treat your pet’s infected eyes at home
-How to treat your pet’s ear infections using home remedies
-The truth behind the wet nose

Part 3: Mouth, Lymph nodes, Larynx, Thyroid glands
-How to check for tooth and gum disease
-How to examine the lymph nodes which are critical in deciding if your pet is sick

Part 4: Skin, Genital and Urinary system
-Does your pet have allergies? The exact way to determine what type of skin condition your pet has
-Knowing if your pet is blocked an unable to urinate and how to treat the issue
-How to check and treat sheath infections in male dogs and cats

Part 5: Musculoskeletal (Muscles, Bones and Joints)
-How to systematically examine your pet to find out the exact location causing their lameness, and how you can do this at home
-Back pain or injury in your pet. A step by step guide to checking for back spasm, or disc disease… PLUS knowing when you can manage this yourself or seek veterinary care
-How to diagnose arthritis in your pet

Part 6: Gastrointestinal (covers Vomiting and Diarrhea)
-What the cause of the vomiting is, and the most effective forms of treatment
-Diarrhea in your pet – when to treat at home and when you need to go to the vet
-How to tell if your pet is dehydrated from vomiting or diarrhea

Part 7: Heart, Lungs and Trachea
-How to examine a coughing pet, make a tentative diagnosis and effective remedies to treat it
-How to check for a heart murmur at home
-How to check for tracheal collapse. Here is what you need to know in examining your pet’s airway and how to check for this common condition

Part 8: Blood Pressure and Mucous Membranes
-Deciding if your pet is in shock
-How to tell if your pet may be anemic
-How to check your pet’s pulse

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Inner Circle Membership

The Dr. Andrew Jones Online Pet Health Solutions offers Inner Circle Membership.  While non-members pay full price for products on the website, the membership plans entitle you to tons of  free offers as well as substantial discounts throughout the website.

Secrets Inner Circle Membership

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