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The Pet Health & Nutrition Center’s focus is on holistic healing through use of herbs, homeopathy and natural whole food supplements. This tiny company produces products are superior in quality. Unlike large manufacturers, they do not cut corners. They are not stingy and their products last. Their products address various health concerns, natural pet remedies, and other supplements. They also provide a section on their website to provide additional information to educate pet owners about health and nutrition.

I feel strongly about providing the best for my girls. When it comes to supplements, I like to mix things up a bit. Between the varied diet that I provide the Barfworld diet which provides various forms of protein and the supplements I provide, my dogs are in optimal health and only go to the vet once a year.  For more advanced raw feeders I recommend Raw Paws.  You can read more about their food in my article The BEST Dog Food for the Advanced.  In that article I discuss the raw diet made by Raw Paws.

They just don’t get sick! Just to be sure, I had my vet review my supplements and she gave me the thumbs up to continue using them.
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I take my girls to the famous Dr. Marty Goldstein’s practice – Smith Ridge Veterinary Center to see Dr. Jenna Lenarz each year. Oprah and Martha Stewart (amongst others) take their pets there because he is one of the most innovative vets in the country (probably the world).

Philip Reich is a Master Herbalist who graduated with honors from American College of Healthcare Sciences.

Maria Reich studied at College for Canine Science and is in the process of receiving her certification in animal nutrition. Maria and I have spoken at length on the phone. She has an incredible wealth of information and her passion for pets is huge.

So you ask – If the raw diet is so great, why am I giving supplementation? Well, as even the smallest amount of time passes after a fresh kill molecules break down and the food goes through various changes. Fresh kill is not available.

Many of the ingredients are organic, but they do not have the organic seal on their products. The issue is that manufacturers must endure great leaps and hurdles to get that organic certification. The process and the cost is prohibitive for micro-companies and would drive up prices for the consumers. Personally, I trust them. That’s why I include their products in my dogs’ diets. I rotate my dogs’ supplements. I use NuVet joint supplements AND I use the supplements from Health & Nutrition Center. I don’t want my dogs to have overload of anything so they get a little of this and a little of that as opposed to the same thing each day. I like the products from this website because it provides supplementation with whole food sources and herbs.


Daily Multi PlusDaily Multi Plus is an excellent vitamin supplement that is made up of nutrients from whole foods, glandulars, probiotics, and enzymes.



Digestive Enzymes & ProbioticsDigestive Enzymes and Probiotics is a formula that contains enzymes, probiotic, and prebiotics which provide the body with beneficial bacteria to assist with digestion.  This helps the body to use food more efficiently.  It is great for skin issues and yeast-related conditions as well.  Prebiotics are very difficult to find in pet products.  Although a raw diet provides digestive such ingredients naturally, some of this nutrients are lost over time.  After all, fresh kill is not accessible to most of us.  I keep this supplement in the fridge and add it to each meal.



Omega Fish OilNordic Naturals Omega 3 Fish Oil for Dogs is made from 100% wild anchovies and sardines so they are GMO free.  Omegas are great for the skin, bones, and joints.  It also calms inflammation.  For years I have recommended fish oil.  One of the problems with most fish oil supplements is oxidation.  In fact, they oxidize VERY quickly because of the constant exposure to air.  This fish oil is encapsulated so oxidation is not an issue.  This fish oil product is dosed for pets – you wouldn’t want to give a Chihuahua a human dose.  Many fish oil supplements are from farmed fish (those fish eat their own doodie in crowded tanks).  This product consists of oil from wild fish – not farmed.  Anchovies and sardines don’t contain the degree of toxins that some salmon (predatory fish) oil products might contain.  I add half a capsule to their food every other day or so.  I alternate the types of oils I feed because too much of a good thing can easily cause problems.


ColostrumColostrum Powder is the first bit of liquid that comes out prior to milk from a nursing mother. It is derived from bovine that are great for the immune system. It helps with allergies, digestion, healing, calming, and burning fat. It is free of herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, and steroids.



Elk VelvetElk Velvet Antler Joint Supplement is a natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and many minerals that support bone and joint health. It is excellent for arthritis.  I give this to my girls because they both have luxation in their knees so it provides help to repair those tissues, keeps the joints strong and helps to avoid related issues. It’s never too early or too late to use this.  They have another product that contains additional glucosamine.  I alternate this supplement with the NuJoint® which is superior to similar glucosamine and chondroitin products.



Anxiety BlendAnxiety Blend is a blend of natural herbs that I give this to Harriet when there are thunderstorms. It seems to calm her down a bit. Although she still becomes clingy and frequently searches for hiding places when she hears thunder, she doesn’t tremble as much or breathe as heavy when I give it to her as a storm moves in.  I also use other types of products to address anxiety using other modalities.  This one is an excellent herbal choice.



Heart TonicHeart Tonic contains several herbs that supports heart health. Harriet has a heart murmur. Before taking this, her condition was becoming worse each year. We have been keeping track of its progression. Her last exam indicated that the murmur has not increased. It has been stable. Since I have been giving her this herbal mixture her murmur has not worsened.


For Ticks & Fleas

Tick & Flea

Internal Flea and Tick Powder is a powder that is added to the food. It strengthens skin, cleanses the blood, and alkalizes the system while creating a taste that biting insects dislike.

Herbal Defense for Dogs is a repels ticks and fleas. It is made from herbs and essential oils. It could be a challenge to find a product of this type that doesn’t have an overwhelming offensive odor.  Herbal Defense is made with essential oils and herbs and does not contain citronella which can be overwhelming and stinky.  I spray it on the girls when we are heading outside when there are ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes are around.

Buck Mountain Botanicals Parasite Dust is made from diatomaceous earth powder which is basically fossilized remains of shells that are ground up into a dust. This dust dries up many insects (including fleas) and causes them to wither away and die. It also contains neem oil and yarrow extract which repel fleas.  The  Pet Health & Nutrition Center’s Diatomaceous Earth formula is just as effective.  It can be ingested as well as applied externally.  With all products ingested, if your dog is a puppy, pregnant, lactating, or has a disease, it is not recommended.  Consult your holistic vet for more information. 

To read more about ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes check out my articles Heartworm Drama and Natural Tick & Flea Repellent.


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