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Pet Tech – Zututh Toothbrush

Pet Tech – Zututh Toothbrush

When I heard about this device online I HAD to check it out.  The company is called Zututh.  Dental hygiene is extremely important for dogs.  Many diseases are caused by neglecting oral hygiene.  I had a feeling that it was a winner, but I didn’t know for sure until I tried it on my dogs.  I tried the Zututh Breeze Electronic battery operated cleaning machine and I tried the Manual Zututh as well.  The unique design of the Zututh device is based on the shape of a dog’s jaw and oral cavity.

I am no longer so diligent about brushing their teeth as I had been in the past.  I have been giving the girls raw duck necks or raw chicken necks once a week to chew on.  The natural enzymes in the raw duck necks and the raw chicken necks along with the mechanical action of chewing the raw bones does the trick.  If a dog is not on a raw diet, brushing is critical.

Natural Wonders Pets DentaSureI used the DentaSure Oral Care Gel with these devices.  The battery operated device was a bit too much for Harriet; she pulled her head away and ran away from me.  Beverly (Bevi) was much more tolerant.  I was able to use it on her without a problem.  I have the manual and the battery operated models.  I continued to use the battery operated device on both girls.  I have used it with the power on for Bevi and the power off for Harriet.

When powered on there is a bit of humming/buzzing sound, but it is a smooth and steady sound.  It is a beautifully designed device.  The shape of the brush allows you to get to the back teeth more easily than an ordinary toothbrush.  My little dogs have small mouths so I needed to pull back their lips a little bit to access their back teeth, but once back there, the toothbrush was great.

ZuTuth ToothBrush 1

They come in 3 sizes:
Small Zututh = under 20 lbs
Medium Zututh = 20 – 50 lbs
Large Zututh = over 50 lbs

I like this product a lot.  Its unique shape cuts brushing time down because it is designed specifically for the physical attributes of the canine mouth – not a human mouth which is shaped differently.  When I used it on my dogs, the shape of the head of the brush hugged around the teeth.  As I brushed the teeth on the sides toward the back of their mouths I was able to get further toward the back teeth.  Harriet’s cheeks are small, but once I get the toothbrush between her cheeks and the teeth on the sides of her mouth, I am able to manipulate the brush even when her mouth is almost closed!  I like that the brush heads can be replaced on both models.  The heads are interchangeable as well.  The battery operated Zututh takes two AA batteries.  Depending upon usage, the batteries can last from six months to one year.  Check out Zututh!



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