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TV Technology for Dogs

TV Technology for Dogs

Sony has a new pet tech product line called, Animalia.  The product in this line that is geared to dogs is the Sony K9 4K TV which will allow our dogs to become doggie couch potatoes.

When we want entertainment we can watch a movie or listen to music.  On the other hand, your poor dog is home missing out on all this stimulating entertainment.  Sony has focused on developing a device to provide our dogs the surround sound and visual stimulation thanimaliaat we enjoy.  Now you might be wondering what makes this TV so special.  All joking aside now, the screen and the speakers are exceptional.  This product was designed to enable dogs to watch and listen to TV with their physiology taken into account.

On April 1st, 2013 Sony Electronics had a press release.  They announced that by the end of 2013 their Animalia product line would be available to consumers.  What’s in it for the dogs?  Sony has taken the initiative to produce a gadget that dogs have been somehow surviving without.  They have finally filled that void.  What is it?  The Sony K9 4K TV.  It is a flat screen television with separate speakers to provide 54.2 channel surround sound.


You are probably wondering what’s so different about the surround sound used in this device?  Sony created the “Dog Enabled Frequency” (DEF) technology which addresses the specific auditory range of dogs.  The speakers enhance audio by applying DEF.  This enables Rover to hear content that is presented in frequencies that target dogs.

So how is it differDog Visionent from any other screen?  The Animalia line took into account that dogs have different visual capabilities than humans.  Dogs don’t experience rich and intense color as humans do.  Dogs only see the environment in shades of yellow, blue, and gray.  When a dog is presented with shades of red and green he will perceive those colors as shades of gray.  Sony took this into account and by removing red and green.  This makes viewing more colorful and crisp because dogs see blue and yellow tones.

The  even has a paw-friendly remote control that has two buttons.  One button is for “play” the other is for “Skype” so you can actually put your dog into your Skype contacts.

It sounds like a very interesting concept.

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