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This Vet is in Trouble for being Ethical

This Vet is in Trouble for being Ethical

Dr. John Robb of Bridgeport, Connecticut was recently placed on probation by the state Veterinary Board.  Dr. Robb has been dosing the rabies vaccine according to the work of Dr. Ronald Schultz and Dr. Jean Dodds who renowned experts in immunology and vaccinology.  

Schultz and Dodds have been at the forefront of veterinary immunology for decades and Schultz concur with Robb that small dogs are more likely to suffer from ill effects from the vaccine and that smaller doses for small dogs are safer and effective.  The following radio interview with Dr. Robb discusses issues regarding the rabies vaccine.

Schultz and Dodds are responsible for changing the 1-year rabies vaccine to change to 3-year administration for the reasons that Dr. Robb is fighting for.  By the way, contents of the 1-year vial is identical to the 3-year vial.  See my articles Are Dog Vaccines Really Safe? and Vets Cash in on Vaccines (which includes a in-depth interview with Schultz about vaccines which a vast number of  conventional vets ignore).  Animal Wellness magazine also has a great article Should Small Dogs Receive The Same Amount Of Vaccine As Big Dogs?

My question to you is:  Would your vet do the same thing?  That’s food for thought.

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