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The BEST Dog Food for the Advanced

The BEST Dog Food for the Advanced

I have written extensively about how synthetic (and/or lab created nutrients) in highly processed commercial diets are unhealthy for dogs. I agree with the top vets who have taken course study in biologically appropriate raw diets. Such vets made the choice to take their education beyond what the veterinary school provides as their schools are supported by various corporations (Hills, Purina…). When such corporations support learning, it is a conflict of interest to teach subject matter that opposes the products that those corporations manufacture.

If a food contains more than four or five vitamin supplements, it is a clear indicator that the product is missing a lot of nutrients (aside from the synthetic and/or highly processed ingredients created in a lab including additives).  Although I prefer no vitamins & minerals added, I can personally overlook around 5.  Most commercial dog food contains extensive lists of such ingredients.  It is like living on flavored vitamins without any whole food or eating Fruity cereals day after day. A couple of articles that might be of interest to you include Why a Raw Diet is Vital and Why Don’t Conventional Vets Recommend Raw Feeding. When feeding raw, I generally add my own natural supplements. Most of them are made from natural ingredients from whole foods including superfoods which are packed with nutrients (i.e., spirulina, chia seeds…). Being that the Barfworld diet includes such ingredients, I don’t feel the need to add as many supplements as I do when feeding the Raw Paws diet. I feel that the adding additional supplements assure that my dogs are getting the healthiest fruits and veggies along with additional nutrients. After all, fresh kill is really the best as the nutrients are most rich and plentiful, but the majority of people don’t hunt for their food.

Raw Paws Bulldog - Framed

Raw Paws – Affiliate Website

For more advanced raw feeders I recommend Raw Paws Pet Food. The Frozen Raw Paws Meals include the appropriate balance of meat, organs, ground bone, vitamin E, and herring oil. I prefer their “complete meals” because they contain muscle meat, ground bone and organ meat which are important in order to mimic the biologically appropriate diet that the species eats in the wild. The Raw Paws Complete meals contain the muscle meat, organ meat, and ground bone. The beef adds green tripe to the recipe. For beginner raw feeders I recommend Barfworld. If you are a beginner, take a look at my article The Best Raw Food for Beginners in which I recommend The Barfworld diet because it is an excellent food and very simple to work with.

Freeze Dried Meals:  Raw Paws carries freeze dried meals, but they don’t contain ground bone so it would be best to add a bone supplement. Freeze dried products tend to be much more expensive than regular raw form. Raw Paws carries an enormous selection of products including freeze-dried food & treats.

Treats Bones, and Chews: Raw Paws carries a great assortment of dog chews, green tripe, meaty bones (my dogs love the duck necks), dehydrated treats, freeze-dried treats, chews, and more. I love that they enable you to select chews based on what you want. For example, you can choose a chew by its hardness, the protein type (i.e., chicken, beef…), and other characteristics. I have tried several chews. I tried esophagus strips and the beef tendons which are also great for chewing. They didn’t smell very good so I kept the dogs in the kitchen so they can really go at it. Afterwards I wipe down their faces and front paws.

My girls love the dehydrated lamb lung, freeze-dried liver. The lung is not easy to cut so I use the poultry shears for that too. The freeze-dried liver can be used as small yummy nutritious treats. Although the liver is very healthy, it is high in calories and very rich so I go easy on these treats.

Raw Food:  Their selections include organic, free-range, wild, gluten-free, free run, grain-free, grass-fed, antibiotic-free, pasture raised, hormone-free, non-GMO, and wild products. Their proteins include beef, duck, chicken, lamb, turkey, goat, pork, rabbit, quail, venison, and fish. Like Barfworld, Raw Paws contains no artificial flavor, coloring, or preservatives. I have purchased many of their bones and chews from Raw Paws. The purpose of the bones and chews is to maintain their oral hygiene. I have ordered the trachea, goat bones, and duck necks. Harriet had an upset tummy and had diarrhea after eating a duck neck. It was just too rich for her. Now I use poultry shears and cut them in half. I give each dog half and everything is fine. It is really messy so

Raw Paws Tubes Framedto make life easier for me, I will give them the bones either outside on a cheap blanket or I will put an old blanket down onto the kitchen floor and put the gate up. They love it and it is fabulous for their teeth as the enzymes from the raw meat and the mechanical action of chewing the vertebrae help keep their teeth really clean. Raw Paws requires a little bit more work than the Barfworld diet (which comes in the form of eight ounce patties or in small nuggets) as the Raw Paws comes in bulk and needs to be divided into smaller portions. I defrost them just a little bit, them I cut down the large tubes and divide the tubs into smaller portions. I then wrap the smaller portions in wax paper and put them into freezer bags and put them into the freezer. When serving, I take a portion, put it into the fridge the day before and weigh the meals when it is time to feed my little dogs. The remainder goes back into the fridge. I use a pyrex container to store the food in the fridge. Raw Paws carries patties, but pound for pound the patties are more expensive.

Green Tripe:

Raw Paws Green Tripe

I like that Raw Paws carries green tripe in bulk and in other forms. Green tripe is one of the healthiest foods that you could feed your dog. Green tripe is packed with amino acids and enzymes. It is packed with probiotics  I purchase my green tripe from Raw Paws and feed it to them around three to five times a week as meals.  Read about what green tripe is and its benefits in my article The Most Nutritious Ingredient for Dogs. Barfworld food's beef, lamb, and combo recipes include green tripe.

Raw Paws Freeze-Dried Diet:  The moisture is removed from the food while keeping it frozen.  This allows the food to remain uncooked and raw.  Freeze-drying is more nutritional value than other dehydration processes because of the manner in which the moisture is removed.  If I would choose a freeze-dried food for my dogs, I would go for Raw Paws Freeze-Dried Food.  It comes in three formulas (beef, chicken, and Green Tripe).

Raw Paws Dehydrated Complete Green Tripe

Raw Paws Dehydrated Complete Beef

Raw Paws Dehydrated Complete Chicken

Raw Goat Milk:  Raw Paws Goat's Milk FramedRaw Paws also carries lots of bully sticks as well. Raw Paws is one of the few places where you can purchase Raw Goat Milk which provides many health benefits. Goat milk is an excellent source of enzymes, calcium, electrolytes, probiotics, and tons of other nutrients.

A Word About Treats:  As far as treats go, whenever purchasing treats anywhere, always pay close attention to all the ingredients. I avoid smoked and jerky treats like the plague. I also avoid soy and other ingredients that are not necessary. With all the natural options out there, it doesn’t make sense to me to bother with all that garbage.

A Word About Supplements:  To see the supplements, I have three pages that discuss the supplements I add. Not every supplement I use is a must, but there are some that I highly recommend. Some Supplements I feel that most dogs should be on, but I list others that are worthwhile to consider. I don't give my dogs the same thing day after day so I use many things to vary their supplementation. I wrote about the products at The Pet Health & Nutrition Center, NuVet Labs, and my soon to be published article, Mother Earth Pets Super Essentials.

A Funny Story Their meat is excellent. I can tell you first hand. I also keep my own meat in ziplock bags as well as the Raw Paws food. I was exhausted and really hungry one evening and I had this unbearable craving for a hamburger. I took out some meat, defrosted it and cooked it. I think it was the best hamburger that I ever tasted. I noticed a tiny crunch as I chewed the meat. As I chewed the meat and the crunchy bits, I realized that something wasn’t quite right. I looked at the ziplock bag and noticed that “GOAT” was written on it as clear as day. I was so hungry that I finished it despite. It was cooked… No biggie.

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  1. Kimberly Gauthier

    LOL! I’ve never had goat before; I haven’t eaten our dogs’ food before either, but that’s bound to happen. I know what it’s like be so tired after a day of making food.

    I do have ground beef in the fridge, I’m planning to cook a meal for the dogs tomorrow.

    1. Janie

      Hey Kimberly!

      I am a big fan of yours. Listen… If you never had goat before, you are missing out LOL… It really was good! I give it to my dogs raw and they LOVE it!!! I’ll tell you though – No matter how tired I am, I will NEVER mistakenly cook their green tripe for myself LOL.

      Thanks so much for writing!

      All the best,

  2. Denise

    What do you think of ZiwiPeake? I used to feed my dogs primal but I had to stop because of my travels didn’t allow me a proper method of keeping the fruit food Frozen. It is much easier for me with my lifestyle to feed an air dried food. Z Would Peak appears to be a twice or dried raw dog food. I’m interested in your company. My dogs had sensitive stomachs and cannot tolerate lamb or even chicken. So I’m basically stuck with the beef and venison products.

    1. Janie

      Hi Denise-

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for writing. I prefer freeze-dried to dehydrated or air-dried. All of them mean the same thing (taking out the moisture), BUT the difference is the process of drying and the resulting product. Freeze-dried maintains more nutrients. I don’t like seeing all those added vitamins and minerals. I can overlook 4 or 5 added vitamins/minerals, but more than that indicates that the actual food is missing so much nutrients that nutrients need to be added in the form of vitamins & minerals. I have an article that you might like to check out along with suggestions: Raw Food and Some Alternatives

      At the bottom of my article you will notice an affiliate statement. I ONLY recommend products that I would give to MY own dogs. I make a very small commission from purchases and I ask you to please order items via my website links each time. It does NOT affect your price. It supports my ability to maintain my blog.

      Thank you so much again and all the best


    I feed homemade raw ground meat/vegi/fruit recipe. I follow vet Karen Becker recipes.
    I’m trying to figure out what food I can switch out some times when traveling or just to stretch my homemade frozen supply. The thing is it gets costly. I see you have small dogs. I have to large dogs. 80# and a 56# lab mixes. I’ve tried honest kitchen bases and added packaged ground turkey. I’ve tried Stella all in one type freeze dried but it reminded me of feeding my horses alfalfa pellets. The smell and so green. My homemade recipes are all meat with vegi/fruit. The Stella is like all vegi with little nuggets of meat.
    Do you have any recommendation of something to try that wont put me in the poor house? Thank you for your time and passion for the dogs!

    1. Janie

      Hi Rhonda-

      Thanks for visiting my blog and for your question. You are brave to prepare your own food. I find that it is a daunting task. Dr. Karen Becker is FABULOUS!!! I have an article, Raw Food and Some Alternatives, but it is quite expensive.

      I’m wondering… What if you used a dehydrator? The only issue is that a lot of nutrients are removed from dehydrators so you would need to add supplements. I have many supplements that I have used and recommended ane have included them in articles, on the sidebar of my blog pages, and in the main menu on top showing My Favorites. I think that since dehydrating them (not freeze-drying) defeats the purpose to a point because of the nutrients that would be lost.

      I’m sorry, but I don’t know what to recommend to you :o(

      All the best,

  4. Shawn A Fath

    Are you ever going to come out with a ranking of your top 20 foods maybe 10 best for puppies 10 best for adultS. Seen a few of the same ones on a lot of the list but I’d like to know your opinion

    1. Janie

      Hi Shawn-

      Thank you for visiting my website and thank you for writing. That is a brilliant idea. I would love to do that. I am EXTREMELY picky when I recommend things to my readers. When I recommend something there is a lot involved.

      I do my own research on a product. For example, if it has “natural flavor” I will not recommend it because the components of that “flavor” are proprietary so the manufacture can legally refuse to tell consumers exactly what they are selling to consumers. I don’t like when manufacturers hide things. If something is truly natural, wouldn’t they want to brag about that information? See my article 3 Bone Supplements Compared is a great example. I had to remove images and the name of the manufacturer because I pointed out my issue with “flavor” when the manufacturer made threats to me. I contacted a lawyer to check to make sure I was not doing anything illegal and I was told I was fine. Keeping in mind that if they pressed charges, although I am in the right, it would cost me in legal fees to defend myself.

      I also do research in sourcing of ingredients. If a manufacturer sources any ingredients from China I won’t recommend it. In my article These Commercial Dog Foods Source From China took countless hours to squeeze information out of each manufacturer. I never recommend commercial kibble food. I have written extensively the reasons why they are not biologically appropriate.

      Most products I recommend are products I have used on my dogs for several months so I know that if they are good enough for my dogs I can recommend those products to others.

      I am one person who has built my website, done my own research, and have written articles (many of them too long lol). I wish that I had the staff to test and comb through each product, but I can’t afford to. I make a small amount of money when people click on my links and make purchases. I could make decent money if I recommended just anything, but that’s not what I’m all about. I DO have an article Raw Food and Some Alternatives. I did not try each one, but I went through all the ingredients.

      Sorry for going on and on and on. It’s just that this is so important to me. I JUST published an article about pet food and the lack of regulation. It’s a MUST read. Getting Away with Putting Our Dogs at Risk.

      Oh boy… I wish I had the man/woman power to do more. I have searched high and low for food for my own dogs, but I am so picky that there are very few I find that meet my standards. If you check out Dr. Karen Becker’s book Real Food for Healthy Pets you will be able to learn how to do raw yourself. Unfortunately, I like the bone content in what I give to my dogs. Their teeth are too fragile for real raw bones so I need them to be ground in their food. DIY takes too much brainwork for my head to handle lol.

      Thanks so much again for writing. If I could ever afford to hire staff (who would be able to keep up with my standards), I will think of you and aim to make a top 10. At this point though, I can’t even find 10, but things are changing and I will continue to keep on my toes.

      All the best
      PS if you have any other questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to shout out to me.

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