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The Smallest GPS Devices

The Smallest GPS Devices

When a dog gets lost it is no party.  I have discussed GPS gadgets for dogs in the past.  As technology is constantly evolving, smaller lighter units are appearing on the market.  Here are some new devices.  I have included devices that are not yet in mass production.  They are available for pre-orders.  Finally will be able to keep track of our little dogs as well as the big guys.  However, I have some concern about constant exposure to EMF (electromagnetic field) technology as there are health concerns.

Unit Name Iota Loc8tor GPS Retrievor Trax GPS
Image Iota Size GPS coin Loc8tor GPS Retrievor GPS Small Trax with Cell Phone GPS
Upfront Cost for a Unit $200 $139.95 $299 $249
Additional Costs $0 1 month – $60
3 months – $100
12 months – $160
After first year $1.79 monthly Free for 2 years then € 3.95 ($5.31) monthly  thereafter
Network Platforms

Their Iota Network cloud.  The receiver is placed at a  homebase.  GPS / Iotera radio.  It’s a new wireless technology.

Approximate Transmitter WeightI converted some from metric system .39 oz. (Homebase device is 3.5 oz. and is small enough to conceal). 2.1 oz. .63 oz. .88 oz.
Approximate Transmitter SizeI converted some from metric system 5.5″ x 1.65″ x .47″ 2.6″ x 1.4″ x .77″ 1.4″ diameter
.6″ thickness Size of a quarter
1.5″ x 2″ x .4″
Compatibility iOS / Android iOS / Android /  Windows iOS / Android iOS / Android
Water Splash Resistant Only occasional splash Waterproof up to 10′ Water Resistant
Range Within a 4 mile radius from home base device, but it can piggyback off of other Iota units which expands the range.

Unlimited – North America & Europe

Outdoors Only

Unlimited Unlimited – USAOutdoors Only, but soon will include indoors
Virtual Enclosure Zones Yes Yes Yes Yes
Accuracy in Finding DogConverted some from metric system 30′ 16′ 4′ to 10′ Around 10′
Indicates Dog’s Speed Detects movement to activate, but not speed No No Yes
Alert Sent Via Email / SMS Text Email / SMS Text Email / SMS Text Email / SMS TextAudio Tone
Track Via Smartphone / Bluetooth Devices Online / Smartphone Online / Smartphone Smartphone / Web coming soon
Battery Life 11 days – 4 months depending on how often you are checking the locations 7 to 10 days 7 days up to 30 days depending on usage patterns
Recharges Yes Yes Yes Yes
Low Battery Alert Yes Yes Yes Yes
How it is Worn Attaches to collar Attaches to collar Attaches to collar Attaches to collar



iota GPS Pics

The Iota device will not officially be on the market for the general public until May 2015.  There will be availability of the Iota to Kickstarter backers in January. They are presently accepting pre-orders.  Audio alerts.  There are no monthly fees.




Loc8tor GPS
Loc8tor GPSThe Loc8tor GPS device comes in a device with GPS (the one shown in the table above) and one without GPS.  The one without the GPS allows you to track your pet using a hot – cold type of method and that could be annoying.  The non-GPS device sells for $99.95.





Retrievor GPS SmallThe Retrievor GPS device is a really interesting gadget.  It has the capability to indicate speed so you will know if your dog is lying still or running.  The Retrievor also recharges through motion and via solar energy.  It may be pre-ordered for $199, but the price will go up to $299 when they are available the general public.





Trax on a Lab GPS

Trax GPS Phone

The Trax GPS device recognizes speed and alerts you if the device is dropped.  The manufacturer provides the first two years of service gratis.  After two years, there is a monthly charge of $5.31.



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  1. Pod Trackers

    Great article! I find it very interesting to compare all of the different features of various products on the market.

    Have you heard of the Pod Tracker? The Pod Tracker is the smallest and lightest GPS tracker & activity monitor on the market, offering location on-demand, escape alerts, adventure tracking, activity monitoring and many other great features which can be managed within the free app. One of the unique things that sets Pod apart from its competitors is that it is built with both GPS and Wifi technologies, allowing customers to locate their pet both indoors and outdoors. The wifi technology is very helpful in locating our little escape artists who like to wander into garages, under trees, and thick bushes where the direct line of sight with the GPS satellites may be obstructed. The Pod is easy to use, waterproof, suitable for all pets, and can be attached to any collar or harness. In addition, the Pod comes with two interchangeable, rechargeable batteries which enables you to charge one of them while the other is in use so your pet never has to go unprotected.

    I thought you may be interested in looking into the Pod for the comparison. Happy tracking!



    1. Janie

      Hi Caroline-

      Thank you for visiting my website and for suggesting the Pod Tracker device. This article was written quite a while ago and tech is changing constantly. It sounds like a great device. The only issue I have with these devices is the concentration of EMF (electromagnetic field) exposure. I just added my concern to the article because studies have indicated that high EMF exposure on a constant basis is not healthy. I’m sorry, but I needed to edit out the link you included in the article, but I kept the name of your product in.

      Thanks again.
      All the best

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