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Shame on Dr. Oz

Shame on Dr. Oz

Recently Dr. Oz had a segment about pet food.  The audience was horrified, but the veterinarian who was the guest on the show said it was fine for consumption because of the vitamins added.  A long list of vitamins is added because the “food” has no nutritional value whatsoever so dogs are consuming diets which are virtually synthetic and/or highly processed in a lab.  It is obvious that the vet on the show was either poorly educated or paid off by a corporation to endorse commercial pet food. 


Rodney Habib created the following video in response to the shocking segment of the Dr. Oz show.  Rodney is an expert on the subject of dog health and nutrition. He has his own blog & vlog and he is one of the writers for Dogs Naturally Magazine.  Here is Rodney’s video:



Usually I mention vets in my website who have extensive education and experience beyond what conventional vets learn and practice.  This vet is an exception.  The vet who appeared on the Dr. Oz show was a conventional vet whose knowledge of nutrition did not extend past the influence of  manufacturers like Hills or Purina – the corporations which help to finance the majority of veterinary programs and therefore influence curricula.    


So what is his claim to fame?  Dr. Evan Antin has been referred to as the Hottest Animal Doctor Ever  That’ll Make You Want To Get Your Pet Checked.  He has been a part time model.  In December 2014, People Magazine bestowed upon him the title of the “Sexiest Beast Charmer” in the annual People’s magazine “Sexiest Man Alive” issue.  He also  appeared in Us Magazine “Hot Veterinarian Dr. Evan Antin Is the Newest Internet Sensation: See Photos of Him With Puppies, Turtles and Cats! 


My goal is to educate people about the pet food industry. I will ONLY feed my girls a raw diet. I would love to hear your thoughts on this after you see the following video.  Shame on Dr. Oz for not standing up to this vet and for not protecting consumers and their dogs!


The documentary Pet Fooled is coming out soon. It is currently being screened.
Here is the trailer for the documentary:





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  1. Pamela

    Having more than my fair share of gorgeous, hot guys, I’ve never confused looks with brains education and MOST IMPORTANT……INTEGRITY. This guy looks and acts like a meatball. If anyone still thinks that food is OK they need to ask themselves if they would feed their human family food comparable to that……YUCK and DISGUSTING…..Anyone who would do so needs to better inform themselves

    1. Janie

      Hi Pamela-

      Thank you so much for visiting my website and for your comment. It is a sad fact that people just don’t know. This is why I have this blog and why I recommend raw feeding (that is properly balanced). I have a couple of diets on my website. Unfortunately they are quite expensive, but it is well-worth the investment. Dogs are getting sicker and sicker due to the food and the over vaccination.

      All the best

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