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Purple Pebble Toys

Purple Pebble Toys

Purple Pebble describes their toys as “Simple, safe and soft, yet still tough!”  Purple Pebble products have been named DOG GEAR of the YEAR in 2011 and 2014 by The Whole Dog Journal.  Interestingly, their products are not geared toward dog owners so there are no dyes and no nonsense.  These toys are simple and safe.  They are geared specifically toward dogs!!!   They have no stuffing and no parts that could be swallowed or fall apart all over the place.  In other words, they are very safe.  Here is a list of what I like about these toys.

Purple Pebble Playing

• Durable
• Hypoallergenic
• Moisture-Wicking
• Stain-Resistant
• Antibacterial
• Easy care: 100% machine wash/Quick Dry
• Stuffing-Free
• Small Piece-Free
• Squeaker-Free
• Dye-Free
• Made in the USA


I cut off portions of these videos because they were just too long.  Although I filmed a 50 pound dog, I want to let you know that my little 10 pound Chinese Crested mix has no problem carrying these toys around and playing with these toys.  These are videos of the two toys that I tested (actually, the dogs tested them).

The Toy-Fetchacheeni:



The Toy-Ravioli:


Something I REALLY love about Purple Pebble is their genuine love for dogs.  They support adoption from shelters and rescues and they offer 15% off one item with proof of adoption!  Additionally, they will donate 10% of the proceeds to that shelter or rescue.

Purple Pebble toys are designed by Purple Pebble so you won’t find them anywhere else.  The retail price varies from $8 for the Toy-Ravioli to $19 for the Toy-Bone (which has batting made from the synthetic same synthetic fiber as the outside and is for gentle mouthing only).

Purple Pebble also carries the Cuddle Mat which is very comfy bedding, dog leads (LEEDZ®), and their Walking Aid, a sling for dogs who are handicapped, have spinal ailments, arthritis, hip dysplasia and dogs recovering from surgery.

Below you can see the selection of toys that Purple Pebble carries:

Purple Pebble Toys

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