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Uh oh! Someone is outside my door and the girls begin to bark their heads off. This can’t go on. My mom is moving to a small apartment and when we visit the inevitable is going to happen.

Wait… I met someone named Marc Elias. It was my lucky day. Marc was the CEO (Canine Executive Officer) of Pooch Pals LLC. He left the corporate workplace to do what he loves, working with dogs and people. He became a certified dog trainer through the Animal Behavior College.  Since this article, Marc has sold the company and moved on to other endeavors.  

I have only had experience with Marc.  My experience with Pooch Pals itself is very limited.  After Marc sold the company, I have tried to reach out to them numerous times, but they have not responded.  It could be because I am not inquiring about their services.  This article gave Marc and his company rave reviews.  It would have been gracious for them to at least call me back.  Marc was a wonderful teacher as you can see in the video below:

Ok…  So here is a little bit about my experience with Marc Elias: 

When Marc came to my door the dogs went ballistic. He walked in and we began. Unbeknownst to me, he had already begun his evaluation. He then proceeded to educate me about my dogs’ behavior, their personalities, and more. He asked many questions and took notes as we all sat together on the floor with the girls. He was so thorough. He taught me about my dogs as he me gave me opportunities to be active in the learning process.

Not only does Marc train dogs, but he does volunteer work with his dog Riley at pet therapy programs. Riley was certified as a therapy dog through the Good Dog Foundation. Marc’s love for dogs and helping people is fulfilled through training dogs and volunteering in therapy programs. His volunteer work is valuable because it provides the much needed physical, social, mental, and psychological benefits that he and his dog bring to those in need.

Dog Postures

By Lili Chin – Doggie Drawings

Marc gave me a chart designed by Lili Chin that had illustrations of dogs exhibiting body language and circled the postures that he observed in my dogs. He brought awareness to me in a way that I never applied to my own dogs. He also pointed out my own posture and mannerisms that I want to avoid when the dogs go nuts. He helped me become more aware of my own behavior so I would not feed into the barking behavior and add more stress into the environment. More importantly, he taught me how to use my body language so that I can reduce the stress level.

Marc taught me how to address the barking issue by providing positive reinforcement techniques. He recorded several sounds that trigger their barking to desensitize them from those sounds and taught me a game to play with them to distract them from the sound triggers.

Some people feel that positive reinforcement is bribery and providing rewards for something they are supposed to be doing in the first place. Many people work for a living each day and get a reward called a “paycheck” so you tell me if that is bribery. Hmmm.

Marc tailored his lesson to address MY dogs’ needs based on their unique personalities and their particular needs. He made product recommendations that I would use to keep the girls calmer. He then emailed me an outline and his recommendations and suggested that I make copies and hang them in convenient places so that I can quickly refer to them if I need to.

He his methods are brilliant. He demonstrated compassionate as he empathized with me and my dogs. He gave me hope and explained that the issue will take time to resolve as the girls need to unlearn the behaviors and learn new ones. I need to be consistent and integrate all the techniques that he taught me. I love this guy! I am very confident that I have the tools to provide the best learning experience possible for my dogs.

Marc has been featured in the media:

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