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Pit Bull Heroes

Pit Bull Heroes

Pit Bulls have been a terribly misunderstood breed.  Dogs should not be judged based on breed.  In fact, Pit Bulls are not an actual official breed.  They are a combination of various breeds.  As you will see in the videos below, there are many remarkable Pit Bulls out there.  It is unfortunate that so many of these wonderful dogs are in shelters awaiting execution.  Please consider saving one.  There are many Pit Bulls that are waiting for homes.  My favorites are Petfinder and Urgent Pets on Death Row.  A great facebook page is the Cross-posting & Advocating for Animals Community.  This is a community in which many pets who are in need of homes are listed.

BSL (Breed-specific legislation) is a discriminatory law or ordinance that prohibits or restricts the keeping of dogs of specific breeds, dogs presumed to be specific breeds, mixes of specific breeds, and/or dogs presumed to be mixes of specific breeds.

Pit Mix with Lying Down Looking at Yellow Ball“The most drastic form of BSL is a complete ban, but BSL also includes any laws that impose separate requirements or limitations on dogs and dog owners, including but not limited to: mandatory spay/neuter, muzzling requirements, liability insurance requirements, special licensing and additional fees, mandatory microchipping or tattoos, owner / walker age requirements, property posting requirements, confinement and leash requirements, breed-specific pet limits, sale or transfer notification requirements, restrictions on access to certain public spaces with the dog [e.g.: public parks; school grounds], required town-issued items [e.g.: fluorescent collar; vest], training requirements, requirement that photos of the dog and/or owner be kept on town file. BSL, in any form, results in the destruction of many pet dogs.”

A resolution adopted by the House of Delegates states that “…the American Bar Association urges all state, territorial, and local legislative bodies and governmental agencies to adopt comprehensive breed-neutral dangerous dog/reckless owner laws that ensure due process protections for owners, encourage responsible pet ownership and focus on the behavior of both dog owners and dogs, and to repeal any breed discriminatory or breed specific provisions.”


Heroic Pit Bull Saves Missing Elderly Woman With Alzheimer’s

Dog Saves Owner during a Car jacking Incident

Saved Woman From Being Hit by a Train

The Therapy Dog who Touches Many Lives

Pit Bull Saves Unconscious Four Year Old Boy

Pit Bull Helps War Veteran Suffering from PTSD

Most of these wonderful dogs seen in the videos were adopted by caring people who have provided loving homes for these wonderful dogs.  In return, their dogs exhibited the greatest expression of love, appreciation, and devotion to their owners.

This article was written in honor of my dear friend Loretta who has always adopted the most wonderful Pit Bulls.

Pit Bull Saves His Human’s Life During Fire
Pit Bull Hero Saves Little Girl from Dog Attack
Pit Bull Senior Saves Family From Fire
Stray pit bull found nursing two-day-old kitten on side of Dallas road
Pit bull rescues woman from sexual assault in Vista
Pit Bull Saves Family From Fire
Pit Bull Hailed a Hero for Saving Family from Fire
Pit Bull Saves Owner’s Life, Proves Dogs Are Part Of The Family
This 72-Year-Old Woman Is Saved From Silent Killer…By Her Pit Bull!
Dog has her day, hailed as a hero
Rescue Pit Bull Named Buddy Saves New Owner’s Life by Waking Him up in the Middle of House Fire
Pit Bull Saves Deaf Boy From House Fire
Pit Bull Found Carrying Injured Chihuahua Will Be Adopted By Same Owner
 Jonie Loves Chachi: Hero Pit Bull Saves Injured Chihuahua Pal
Rescued Pit Bull Saves Boy’s Life
 Elle The Pit Bull Named 2013 Hero Dog By American Humane Association
Hero Dog Dials 911 On Cell Phone While Veteran Owner Has A Seizure
Heroic Pit Bull saves woman from machete attack
Lefty The Pit Bull Takes Bullet For Owner; Community Raises Money For Amputation
Pit Bull Hero Blocks Owner’s Attacker
Pit bull, owner find missing woman in Piscataway
Pit Bull Saves Cat From Coyotes
Dog Foils Abduction
Rescued Puppy Saves Family 2 Weeks After Being Adopted
Mother and baby attacked by man posing as UPS driver, saved by dog
Pit Bull Saves NY Woman From Burning House
Pit Bull Shot In The Head Trying To Protect Owner, But Miraculously Survives
Family warned of potentially dangerous gas leak
Dog Pulls Unconscious Owner From Train’s Path
Pit Bull And 12 Year Old Girl help Save Unconscious Drowning Stray
Ogden Service Pit Bull Helps Owner Avoid Seizures
Dog saves woman’s life, being honored today
Pit bull plays hero as family, owner escape house fire
Rescued Pit Bull Sniffs Out Danger
Pit Bull Saves Two Women From Deadly Cobra, Dies With Tail Wagging
Heroic Pit Bull Takes Bullets to Save Owner
Peaches, The Boston Marathon Therapy Dog: The Other Side Of Pit Bulls
These 16 Dogs Are Heroes. They Are Also Pit Bulls

The Humane Society has a Hero Dog Awards page for dogs for extraordinary dogs of all breeds and types.



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