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Petzi Connect Pet Monitor Gadget

Petzi Connect Pet Monitor Gadget

Petzi Connect

So you are away at work and you think of your dog.  You miss him so much and wish that you could see him soon, but the work day has just begun.  It will be hours until you reunite with your baby.  Pet tech is constantly evolving.  A new pet gadget is here and it enables a person to check in on Fido.  A company called Petzila has created the Petzi Connect and it looks like a really cool gadget.

This device enables you to interact with your dog in a new way.  It allows you to see and hear your dog while you are away from home.  Although your dog cannot see you, he will hear you speaking to him.  You might wonder if your dog will eventually get bored with running to the gadget just because he hears you calling him.  I think not.  Further interaction is possible with the Petzi Connect.  You can keep your dog excited to return to this gadget when he hears your beckoning call.  What could be so enticing???  This clever device has the capability of dispensing treats that are within the diameter of a quarter or smaller.  You can control this feature remotely from your compatible smart device or via the internet.  It is unlikely that your dog will lose interest unless he becomes picky about his treats.

The set up is pretty easy.  You plug it into an outlet and connect it to your WiFi.  The device is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, Android or through internet connection from your computer or laptop.  The Petzi Connect by Petzila is a brand new product.  You can purchase on for yourself: Petzi


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