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Natural Flea & Tick Repellent

Natural Flea & Tick Repellent

Yay!!!  Spring is here!!!  Uh oh…  that means flea season is here too.  According to Dr. Karen Becker, fleas flourish most in temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees, with humidity in the 75 to 85 percent range.  Adult fleas die in temperatures colder than 46 degrees, and hotter than 95 degrees.

To learn more about flea season and what conditions are needed in order for fleas to survive read the article from Flea Science.

During the flea season I go through their hair with a flea comb on a daily basis.  There is no need to go through every inch of your dog’s body.  Just inspect your dog’s butt (without the flea comb) because fleas love dirty areas.  Then you can comb through a couple of areas with the flea comb and see if anything shows up.

It is time to protect against ticks and fleas. I personally HATE the thought of putting those tick & flea treatments onto my dogs. The last time I used a spot-on treatmtick 2ent, one of my dogs began to tremble, salivate, vomited, and lost her physical coordination within only minutes of application. I bathed her to remove the product. This helped quite a bit and she calmed down. I have avoided these products ever since.  People have no idea what these chemicals do to their dogs.  Most vets dispense them like candy without providing any information to pet owners.  Time is money and commissions are money.  These vets know very well about how dangerous these pesticides are.  They will sooner tell you how toxic they are for humans than explain the dangers they present to our pets.  There is research that proves that these chemicals are hazardous.  In fact, there are several reports submitted that document bad reactions to these spot-on treatments which prove their toxicity.  Why have I used the term “pesticides” anyway?  Isn’t that a harsh term?  The EPA categorizes spot-on products as “pesticides.” The active ingredients in these products include amitraz, cyphenothrin, dinotefuron, etofenprox, fipronil, imidicloprid, metaflumizone, permethrin, pyriproxyfen and S-methoprene. Those pesticides are highly toxic. Furthermore, the inert or inactive ingredients are questionGiant fleaable as they sometimes can contribute to the toxicity of these products. Fleas and ticks are becoming resistant to some of the chemicals in spot-on treatments so whether or not they work cannot be guaranteed.  If there is a caution printed on the box stating or implying that it is toxic to humans (ex. avoid human contact with the liquid), then you should think twice about using it on your dog.  To find out about the dangerous substances in varous brands of tick & flea treatments a great resource is Green Paws Flea and Tick Products Directory.


Advantix Frontline Plus advantage


The EPA has reports of the following reaction to spot-on tick & flea products:
excessive salivation
skin redness, sores, and ulcers
hair loss
ataxia (lack of control of body movement and coordination)


How can you tell if your dog has fleas?

-Scratching is a huge clue!  If you notice your dog is scratching excessively he might have fleas.

-Sometimes you can even see those tiny fleas scurrying around on your dog’s skin.

-Fleas leave behind “dirt” which is a different way of saying “doodie.”  It looks very similar to finely ground coffee.

-Many dogs are allergic to flea saliva.  You can find redness from irritations due to the flea bites.

Here is a video that shows you what fleas and flea dirt look like:



What are the Options?  This is what I have done:


First and most important is diet.  Dogs whose bodies thrive on biologically appropriate food are able to function optimally.  Pests are more attracted to dogs who are on commercial diets that are mostly synthetic and/or over-processed.  An appropriate diet allows the body to protect itself.  I recommend Barfworld and Raw Paws.  To learn more, please check out my article Why a Raw Diet is Vital.


Easy Defense Tag 0BugZone Tag

0Bug!Zone is a non-chemical tick and flea tag which also repels mosquitoes.  It takes 1 – 3 days of wear for them to be effective.   I have tried a similar tag, but I found no success with it.  On the other hand, two friends of mine have been using them for their dogs for years with success. They work by way of bioenergetic frequencies and they must be worn at all times.

Another tag that works in the same manner is called the Easy Defense Flea & Tick Tag.  It take 3 – 4 weeks to become effective. 

Flea Tags

There are also tags that work through sound frequencies to repel ticks and fleas. Supposedly dogs don’t hear the sounds, but I believe they actually do.  I am not sure if it gives off any “electorsmog,” but the are safe (definitely safer than using pesticides).  think that it is very possible that excessive electrosmog is unsafe.  I’m not sure what levels are considered safe for dogs.



I bathe my dogs once a week with a gentle doggie shampoo. Parasites prefer dirty dogs.  Do not use anything strong.  It’s simply bathing to keep your dog clean.


Jack in Bathtub Flickr Amy Buthod


Pop’s Insect Away Pet Shampoo:

Pops Flea Shampoo
If you discover fleas you MUST get rid of them.  Fleas can jump like crazy and they have a protective shell over their bodies that repels water and ordinary shampoo.  Only flea shampoo can penetrate enough to kill fleas.  When a dog has fleas you MUST get rid of them.  It kills fleas, ticks, and other pests. 

My favorite flea shampoo is Pop’s Insect Away Pet Shampoo.  It contains natural ingredients including coconut, olive and jojoba oils, natural essential oil blend including naturally extracted lemongrass, neem and catnip, aloe vera, and naturally extracted rosemary as a natural preservative.



I add organic raw apple cider vinegar to their food
Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
I have my dogs on a raw diet which keeps their immune systems strong.  I add a half a teaspoon to my dogs’ food twice a day of organic unfiltered raw apple cider vinegar. It must be organic raw apple cider vinegar.  Another option is adding the organic apple cider vinegar to their water. The apple cider vinegar maintains a dog’s proper acid/alkaline balance.  As a result, the chemistry of the dog’s system will repel ticks and fleas.  You may read my article Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs to learn more about its many uses .


Internal Tick & Flea Supplements:

Internal Powder

I have used both Earth Animal Internal Flea & Tick Powder and The Pet Health & Nutrition Center Internal Powder. They are very similar.  They both have natural ingredients and are given orally – just can mix it into some food.  It takes some time to build up in their system it will be effective, but it certainly does work.  What they do is create an internal environment that pests can sense.  They repel pests.  The best example, when you eat a lot of garlic your body reacts.  You will find that your body smells like garlic from the inside out.  Garlic is unsafe if used in excess (it would take 75 cloves for a 70 pound dog for it to be toxic).  The difference with these products is that humans cannot sense the effects of the powder – only the pests.


Repellent Sprays:


TripleSure Tick Flea

TripleSure not only repels fleas, but it retards and kills them as well.  It works on ticks, mites, and bedbugs as well.  Many products on the market use toxic pesticides that people apply to their pets.  TripleSure does the hard work without the use of pesticides.  It contains cedar oil and peppermint.  You only need to apply it every two weeks because the hair follicles absorb it.  It can also be applied to furniture, but it is best to do a spot check beforehand.  You can also find my favorite dental product, Dentasure at the same website.  Please don’t let your dog lick it.  The product is not meant to be digested.


Herbal Defense:

Herbal Defense Spray

I have been using this product for the past two years.  Herbal Defense is a natural topical spray.  It contains a blend of herbals an essential oils that naturally repels ticks, fleas and mosquitoes.

The herbal essential oil ingredients include The essential oil and herb blend contains rose lemongrass, geranium, peppermint, and raw apple cider vinegar that naturally repel ticks, fleas and mosquitoes.  This product has NO Toxic Ingredients.  I use many products from the Pet Health and Nutrition Center – manufacturer of this fabulous product.


Bug Defense:

PetAlive Bug DefenseBug Defense is another great product.  It is a spray made with natural ingredients including soybean oil, citronella oil, peppermint oil, cedar oil, lemongrass oil, and geranium oil.  It is a water resistant formula that is highly effective.  It needs to be applied often, but it is an excellent product that I highly recommend.  Please don’t let your dog lick it.  The product is not meant to be digested.  I have purchased other products from this website which I have been using with success – PetCalm.


Wondercide ClearI recently saw the TV show Shark Tank and took a liking to another product.  Wondercide mades several natural products including tick, flea, and mosquito repellent.  The active ingredient is cedar which naturally repels pests.  


Flea Bite Healing Products:
Healing For FleaIt is common for dogs to have allergic reactions to fleas bites.  Flea saliva can be very irritating to the skin.  Coconut oil can be very soothing when it is applied sparingly to irritated skin.  You can read more about coconut oil in my article, Coconut – A Natural Miracle.easy-defense-hot-spot-relief


FidoDerm, OmniCare, and MetaCare are natural herbal products that can be applied to irritated skin.  The essential oils and other natural ingredients heal irritations from bug bites, hot spots, and other skin issues.  These products also repel pests.  The MetaCare product also protects against sunburn.  Homeopathic Bug BitesEasy Defense Hot Spot Skin Relief Oil from Only Natural Pet contains essential oils and herbs that are healing to hot spots and tick and flea bites (and other bug bite irritations).

Newton Homeopathics Flea & Bug Bites uses a different approach to healing.  It is an excellent product that contains a healing homeopathic blend of ingredients combined with calendula and arnica. 




Diatomaceous Earth:


The Pet Health & Nutrition Center’s Diatomaceous Earth and the Lumino Diatomaceous Earth are both made from 100% diatomaceous earth and can be ingested as well as applied externally.  With all products ingested, if your dog is a puppy, pregnant, lactating, or has a disease, it is not recommended.  Consult your holistic vet for more information.  The Buck Mountain Animal Health brand contains diatomaceous earth PLUS neem and yarrow which repel pests.  The others Just sprinkle it onto dog bedding and other furniture that your dog hangs out on.  You can even sprinkle it onto carpets or rub directly into your pet’s coat.  This powder is very fine so it can be messy.  Sprinkle it gently.  Personally, I have only used this on my dogs on rare occasions when I take the girls out into the woods to give them extra protection.  These products is safe for people and for pets.  It contain no toxic ingredients.


Flea combs and tick removers

Flea Combs

Tick Remover

Flea combs and tick removers are very useful tools to have.  Removing ticks could be tricky until you get the hang of it.  Flea combs are used to separate the hair and find fleas.  I prefer to use a flea comb that has metal teeth; the plastic could scratch and are not as sturdy.


During tick and flea season, keep your dogs safe from the pests!



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  1. Deena Haas

    My dog has double cost. I would use the Quantum spray but is that enough? You also use a supplement and cider. My concern is using a spray that enters bloodstream thru skin and dog can have an allergic reaction to a supplement just as people do. I certainly prefer the supplement to frontline as I stopped it because both my dogs became lethargic from it and would sleep the rest of day it was administered on. I cannot bath my dogs myself to eliminate any fleas or ticks. So I am at a loss as to what would be best for them.

    1. Janie

      Hi Deena-
      I use a combo of things. Vinegar, the green powder that I also add to their food and the spray. After all that stuff they are covered. Nothing is 100%. Even the spot on treatments are not so effective because ticks and fleas are building up resistance to them. Our bodies work the same way. There are bacteria that become resistant to antibiotics so the pharmaceutical industry is constantly coming out with new stuff to kill the stronger mutated bacteria. The spot-on treatments have the ability to poison and kill ticks and fleas. That is why the EPA categorizes them as pesticides. If a dog has an internal system that is not alluring, but repulsive to ticks and fleas, it would be a much healthier and safer scenario for dogs. I didn’t mention that people (children in particular) expose themselves to those toxins when the pet the dog in the area of application. After 24 hours the substance is absorbed into the dog’s system HOWEVER, there is STILL residue on the hair and skin.

  2. Deena Haas

    Just wanted to add you are doing several things so do we need to spray, bathe, add supplement and alternate with powder. You are extremely good at taking care as you are very knowledgable but how much is enough to avoid fleas and ticks with these products.

    1. Janie

      Hi Deena-
      I we can skype and I will show you exactly what I do and let you know what I would recommend for you to use. In fact, it would be cool to do a skype discussions from time to time. I just need to become more savvy with how to do that stuff.

  3. Julie@Sweet and Spicy Monkey

    Thank you for sharing all the healthy variations of flea and tick control. The woods is my backyard and I have problems with fleas and ticks. I have tried apple cider vinegar in my dogs water but it was not organic and they didn’t prefer the taste.
    As for the natural repellant supplement to their food, is that still safe to use every day with the garlic ingredient?
    And are these recommendations safe for cats too?

    1. Janie

      Hi Julie!

      It is fine to use it daily throughout the year. The product states that it is fine for cats as well as dogs. Personally, I only use the flea supplement around a month prior to flea/tick/mosquito season and continue until the end of the season. By giving the product in advance, you are allowing it to build up in their system. During the peak of the pest season, they recommend increasing the dose to double.

      With regard to the apple cider vinegar (ACV), it MUST be raw and organic. In fact, I put a teaspoon into a cold glass of water and add a teaspoon of honey. It is VERY healthy and it doesn’t taste so bad. Enjoy my website. If you liked that article, you will enjoy my articles on food and nutrition and my other health related articles.

  4. Deb


    This is very interesting information about fleas and ticks, and I’m happy to learn more about a natural, holistic approach to combating these parasites. As you have said in your post, the chemicals in flea and tick treatments are nothing more than pesticides — which is an excellent way to refer to them. Thank you for this highly informative post!

    1. Janie

      Hi Deb-

      Thank you so much for your comment.

      I didn’t just call them pesticides out of the blue. The EPA actually categorizes the active ingredients as pesticides!!! I know of a couple of people who use Frontline on their dogs. They still found ticks despite. The ticks and fleas are mutating and becoming stronger. The pesticides are becoming less effective.

      I hope that other people read my articles and learn about what they could do for their dogs. Have you seen the food articles? That will really freak you out!

    1. Janie

      Hi Carolyn-

      Thank you so much for your comment. I laughed when I saw your comment because I had JUST ran out of the Quantum a couple of days ago and I was going crazy trying to find it online. I came upon the same webpage that you did and was so disappointed. I going to try out the Pet Naturals Flea & Tick Spray. I Just ordered it last night from HealthyPets and I removed the Quantum product from the article. With all the stuff that I use, my girls are pretty well covered as far as parasites go. Thank you so much again for writing.

  5. Cheryl S.

    Thanks for the article. It has great info. However, I wanted to advise you that I contacted Earth Animal regarding their internal powder and they confirmed that the alfalfa in the product is a GMO. Just a heads up in case anyone wants to avoid giving GMOs to their pets – as I do.

    1. Janie

      Hi Cheryl-

      That’s right. I didn’t think of it. Unfortunately, most pet stuff does not have USDA organic certification. I wrote an article about these organic and label stuff: I wanted to try something different (just for the fun of it). I did a little bit of research and found a different product that is very similar to the Earth Animal one: They do NOT have the USDA certification,. They are a small company and they claim to have a great product. I didn’t want to recommend anything that I did not try first. My dogs have been fine on it. Unless it is certified USDA organic, it is really a guess at best. Even USDA certification doesn’t guarantee 100%. I have some great information in that article. Thank you so much for making that point. I appreciate the feedback. Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy it.


  6. Pressplay Pets

    Hi Janie

    Love this post! It is such that humans hate ticks and fleas on our pets. But how to avoid the chemicals. Very tricky.

    I have tried the Apple Cider and think it is awesome for both dogs and humans. However, yet to convince my two fur-babies on the taste in their food and water – can not trick them.

    Amber and Indy have Raw Baltic Amber flea and tick collars, which they have worn since December last year. They do not have any fleas or ticks on them, but with that said they did not before I put the collars on them! So I can say if they do or don’t work…but they do look pretty cute on them LOL.

    1. Janie

      Hi Nikki!!!

      It is so great to hear from you. I am very curious about the Raw Baltic Amber flea & tick collar. Hmmm. What will they come out with next??? On the website they said that as the stones become smoother they lose their efficacy. You might want to replace them if they are smoothed out. It depends how active your dogs are. Very interesting.

      Thanks again for visiting my blog and for your comment.

    2. Janie

      Hi Nikki-

      Ok… I JUST ordered the Raw Baltic Amber flea and tick collars for my dogs. I am not recommending them yet to my readers because I want to see how they are. I use other means for dealing with ticks and fleas so I don’t think I would necessarily be able to tell whether or not they work, but whatever… I love this kinda stuff. LOL


  7. Marilyn Bradley

    I used to promote a disc, that repealed fleas and ticks, it worked well for ALL my rescue dogs and cats. However after losing that business due to moving interstate and had almost no internet for 12 months, I found another GREAT option. However, for all my dogs, I use a natural supplement to maintain them all in the best health possible, by optimising their immune systems, then I maintain that optimisation with this, which allows their own immune systems to naturally repel fleas and ticks. They have had fleas occasionally land on them, but they don’t hang around. Not once have these dogs had flea issues or health issues. I don’t vaccinate them, as vaccinations killed a dog and a cat a few weeks after vaccination in both instances. But after saying that , the dogs are in amazing condition on raw diets, yoghurt, and omega oils added, plus the natural immune boosting supplement. I don’t have vet bills at all, I don’t pay for flea and tick products, I don’t kill my pets with the pesticides used in them, and have pets that act younger than friends dogs the same age. My pets have now been on this supplement for the past 2 years, ..far cheaper than vet bills, and flea poisons …

    1. Janie

      Hi Marilyn-

      Thanks so much for your comment. I can’t understand why traditional vets don’t teach people about this stuff. A healthy immune system is key. You are fabulous for taking such great care of your dogs. I wish that more people were aware of how to take such care of their dogs as you. I hope that my blog serves to inspire others. You are fabulous!


  8. Royal Canin

    Getting away from dangerous insects like Flea & Tick is bit difficult to remove naturally. A Repellent did nice job within a few minutes of spray over body.

    Royal Canin is a global leader producing premium quality dog and cat food in Malaysia. It is involved in high level of innovation to ensure proper dog and cat health.

    1. Janie

      Hi there-

      Thank you for visiting my website and for commenting. There are simple ways to avoid ticks and fleas, but most people are misled to believe that they need to use pesticides.

      With regard to the food, As long as there is an extensive vitamin premix, the food is so processed that it requires those additives. Therefore, the majority of the food is synthetically based and/or over-processed.

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