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Medical Marijuana for Pets

Medical Marijuana for Pets

Opinions vary regarding the use of pot to medicate our pets.  Dogs terminal diseases have a limited time so why not make that time as comfortable as possible?  Improving the quality of life is what pet owners strive to do.  I personally feel that I would prefer to use properly refined extracts of marijuana to treat my dogs especially as a last resort.  My feeling is that if a dog is suffering from excruciating pain and is not responding to any conventional treatments, then one must look outside the box.  The extracts of specific components of the many that make up marijuana seems worthy of consideration.  I would personally prefer to give such treatment a try before euthanizing, but that’s just me.

Medical marijuana for dogs is a viable alternative to synthetic drugs especially if the animal is not responsive to conventional medicine.  It is certainly something to consider before resorting to euthanasia. 

I have used on KingKalm for my dog, Beverly who has seizures.  I have seen some improvements.  I refuse to put my dogs on pharmaceuticals unless there are NO other options.  Conventional veterinary training does NOT provide course study on alternative treatments because veterinary manufacturers contribute donations to conventional vet programs.  Therefore, pharmaceuticals are the main focus.  You need to find a vet with additional training who knows about how to treat pets using healthier methods.

Dr. Douglas Kramer has become the veterinarian guru of the movement for the use of medical marijuana as a treatment for animals.  Dr. Kramer’s interest in the use of marijuana for pets was piqued when his beloved Siberian Husky developed terminal cancer.  He runs his own mobile practice in the Los Angeles area.  He specializesDr Kramer CC cropA in  pain management and palliative and hospice care.  In the picture to the left Dr. Doug Kramer administers medical marijuana to Mason who is a Vizsla who has late-stage cancer.

Dr. Kramer states, “My position is the same as the (American Medical Association’s). We need to investigate marijuana further to determine whether the case reports I’m hearing are true or whether there’s a placebo effect at work.”

Dr. Kramer has become convinced that medical research has provided plentiful evidence to support the use of marijuana to treat animals who suffer from severe pain.

Dr. Kramer states, “Pet owners aren’t waiting on the science, however. Dr. Kramer’s survey shows they’re feeding marijuana to pets to treat behavior-based disorders, including separation anxiety and noise phobia, as well as irritable bowel syndrome and feline immunodeficiency virus infection; for management of pain, nausea, and seizures; and as an appetite stimulate. Cannabis oil is also being used topically to treat tumors. treat behavior-based disorders, including separation anxiety and noise phobia, as well as irritable bowel syndrome and feline immunodeficiency virus infection; for management of pain, nausea, and seizures; and as an appetite stimulate. Cannabis oil is also being used topically to treat tumors.”

Pot is a taboo subject amongst the veterinary community.  The majority of vets are just not demanding more research.  It would behoove vets to consider options beyond conventional pharmaceuticals which have shortcomings that are usually not explained to pet owners.  Most vets refuse to acknowledge that there are many strains and components to marijuana which can be beneficial to treating our pets.  This gives many of us the impression that pet owners are feeding their pets buds of ganja and getting them stoned.  The fact that many dogs are getting into the stash of pot that medical marijuana patients neglect to store safely in their homes.  Of course, in this form marijuana is highly toxic to dogs.  The components for treating pets must be extracted and properly measured in order to administer correctly.  There are approximately 400 compounds that make up marijuana.  According to the AVMA, out of those 400, there are around 60 natural components that are specific to marijuana.  These components are called cannabinoids.  Only specific cannabinoids can be targeted for the use on animals.

As Ohio vet Dr. Neal J. Sivula, a vet in Ohio is a strong proponent of the use of pot for animals.  He states, “I am very frustrated by veterinarians’ seeming lack of interest in exploring this potentially very useful plant, Dr. Kramer being the exception. I am gathering that most veterinarians have not followed the changes in genetic strains of MM.”

More studies need to be performed on marijuana when it is specifically prepared for animals NOT when it is administered haphazardly in full form.  Such misleading studies only serve to promote ignorance of the veterinary community and pet owners.  At the same time, those same studies promote the success of the pharmaceutical industry by limiting treatment options for our pets.



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  1. Rose


    My daughter Nadia has been suffering from ANXIETY since childhood and we have tried many medications to treat this anxiety and we have spent a lot of money on different drugs but it was not helping at all and it was getting worse. we have tried everything including allopatic medicine but rather not working. This was really affecting the family and work. I saw a post on the internet about cannabis oil and its effective usage for curing anxiety, i was desperate to try anything to help my daughter to get well. We bought the cannabis oil by writing to and we were instructed on how to use the cannabis oil for treating the anxiety. We started using this cannabis oil for treatment and began to see good result and improvement in her health status and after using the cannabis oil for the stipulated time, the doctor confirmed that my daughter’s anxiety was gone and she is permanently free from anxiety. Happiness has finally returned to the family.

    1. Janie

      Hi Rose-

      Thank you so much for your comment. It is so wonderful that you have found a natural treatment for your daughter. People don’t understand that cannabis can be altered to have such a tiny amount of THC so when it is created for various populations, it actually addresses the issues without the “high” factor. Charlotte’s Web is a strain that was bred to treat children. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical giants and lobbyists prevent this information and treatment option. Pharmaceutical manufacturers infiltrate the government agencies that control the industry (including the FDA) and they donate enormous amounts of money to medical schools to promote their efforts. It all started with the Rockefeller’s and some other powerful families which contributed to brainwashing the public about marijuana in order to promote the pharmaceutical industry. Propaganda like the movie “Reefer Madness” and studies designed to get desired results were thrown at the public. A great many people are under the impression that marijuana is addictive. It is addictive in the same way that ice cream is or any other pleasurable thing. The same parts of the brain light up in the pleasure center when people are experiencing pleasure including orgasms, cocaine, ice cream (in my case), heroine… The analysis needs to be more specific because there are other differences. Yes… When a person smokes a joint pupils dilate, but pupils react in the same way when a people look at someone who are attractive and float their boats… This information is being conveyed in a very slanted manner. Holistic treatment is swept under the rug. Holistic treatment requires additional training which the majority of the medical community is not willing to study because they are taught differently in medical school.

      I went to a GI doctor for a tummy problem. He gave me Citrucel. Why didn’t he advise me to juice greens every morning? They are just not educated about this stuff. The situation is the same with veterinary care. This is shameful and it is the reason why I write about it in my website.

      I refuse to promote any products that don’t meet up to my standards (which are extremely high). Even on my flash sales page I omit items that I feel are not good. I even put a statement on the bottom of that page so that people can make more informed decisions.

      Thank you again for visiting my website and please spread the word.


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