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Keeping Your Dog Cool in Hot Weather

Keeping Your Dog Cool in Hot Weather

We are now in the hottest time of the Summer. I have some tips to guide you to keep dogs safe. I also have a few interesting products and gadgets that could come in handy to keep your dogs cool in the hot weather.


First of all, heat exhaustion can sneak up on dogs as well as people.  The first signs that indicate that a dog is at risk for heatstroke include:

• Excessive panting
• Hyperventilation
• Weakness
• Seeking a cool/shady spot
• Excessive salivation
• Excessive thirst
• Confusion
• Enlarging tongue
• Bright or dark red gums/lips/tongue
• Grayish or pale gums
• Dry gums
• Increasing heart rate
• Anxious or distressed behavior


If the dog’s high temperature is not relieved, more severe symptoms of heatstroke will become apparent:

• Very rapid heart rate/pulse
• Circulation shutdown
• Trembling/seizures/falling down
• Staggering
• Glazed eyes
• Respiratory distress
• Vomit with blood
• Diarrhea with blood
• Rectal bleeding
• Collapse
• Coma


To avoid heat exhaustion and heatstroke, it is crucial that dogs have access to shade and plenty of cold water when the weather becomes hot.  If it is really hot, it is a good idea to allow more indoor time with fans and an air conditioner.  Please NEVER leave your dog in a car!!!  It heats up fast.  Consider that when you get into a hot car, you need to have adequate air circulation.  You can drive with the windows open or with the air conditioner on.  Otherwise you probably wouldn’t be able to handle the heat.


Here are some gadgets and products that can help your dog stay comfortable outside:


Kool Collar

Kool Collar

The Kool Collar’s patented technology uses ice to stimulate artificial sweat and promote evaporative cooling.

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Ruffwear Swamp Vest


The Ruffwear Swamp Cooler uses natural evaporative cooling which cools the dog as water evaporates from the coat’s reservoir. The Swamp Cooler’s light color is designed to reflect heat from the sun. You just soak it in cold water, wring it out, and fasten it onto your dog.

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Cooling Bed III

Cool Bed 3

The Cooling Bed III absorbs the heat from your dog and dissipates the heat into the surrounding air. The Cool Bed III feels similar to when you walk on a cold tile floor with your bare feet.

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The Canine Cooler


The Canine Cooler is a unique thermo-regulating bed. It absorbs heat from your dog and loses the heat into the surrounding air. No refrigeration or electricity necessary. A combination of specialized materials, fluids, and the laws of thermodynamics provides a dry, thermo-regulating and cushioning effect.order button




Hydro Toys

Hydro Products with Names 2
First soak the toys in cool water while squeezing them to pull the water in. While your dog is playing with these toys, water is gradually released through small holes which are designed to squirt water. There is also the option of soaking the toys and then freezing for extra cold play.  They come in 3 varieties – Hydro Ball, Hydro Saucer, and Hydro Bone.

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