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Is Your Dog’s Food Toxic?

Is Your Dog’s Food Toxic?

How can you know if there are dangerous ingredients in your dog’s food?  Recently Dogs Naturally created a Dog Food Ingredient Analyzer Tool.  It enables you to look up ingredients and view information about what those ingredients are and whether or not they are dangerous.  


Here is the PDF link for the Dog Naturally Pet Food Ingredient Analyzer:

Dogs Naturally – Pet Food Ingredient Analyzer


I always tell people to keep in mind that although there is legislation with regard to food labeling, labels are useless because there is rarely (if at all) any enforcement when it comes to safety and ingredients.  Read The FDA Refuses to Enforce Pet Food Ingredient Laws.  

Ingredient Label Dog Food

This is a random dog food label to show an example of ingredients

Blue Buffalo was sued after they lied about their ingredients having no by-products.  You may read about Merrick’s lawsuit and Blue Buffalo’s lawsuit.  These corporations used deceptive practices and deliberately created products in a manner they wished in order to increase profits at the expense of the health and well-being of our dogs.


This is why I ONLY recommend food that is raw.  All those vitamins and minerals you see on the labels of most dog food are there because those products are not nutritious.  If the food were healthy, there would be no need for those long lists of synthetic and/or highly processed ingredients including vitamins, minerals, and other additives.  I’ve written all about this subject.  I do not recommend synthetic ingredient-based diets, only diets that are appropriate biologically for the species.


Check out My Dogs & Their Raw Diet to see what food I recommend.


*Please check out my other articles about food and biologically appropriate diets for dogs.




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    1. Janie

      Hi Lucy-

      Thanks for your comment. It is interesting and scary at the same time. I have seen dogs that were on “high quality commercial” diets and have seen how ill they become – infected ears, impacted anal glands, and the list goes on and on. Feeding your dog a non-synthetic diet can actually turn your dog into a healthier and happier dog. Vet bills go down. Conventional vets typically don’t understand that many illnesses are the result of poor diet so they turn to giving meds over and over.

      What your dog is eating is critical to your dog’s health!

      All the best

  1. Gay

    I have an English bulldog and she is 4 years old. Has stomach problems all the time. I have her on hills prescription and know it affects her stomach not well. I’ve been reading ur blog for 1 1/2 hours regarding mike Sagman. It is good to read info that I have no idea about. Thank u

    1. Janie

      Hi Gay-

      Thank you so much for reading my articles. Synthetic food is very toxic. Dogs with tummy issues do better with real food that doesn’t contain all those vitamins and additives. Unfortunately, companies like Hills contribute to vet programs so the information that future vets are getting is based upon what makes the manufacturers happy. A raw diet takes care of many problems. I very highly suggest your dog take probiotics and digestive enzymes. I am sure it will help. It is the natural healthy alternative to these prescription diets.

      All the best

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