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Innovative Ball Fetch Gadgets

Innovative Ball Fetch Gadgets

So Spring is here and we are headed toward Summer.  The weather will be beckoning us to play outside with our dogs!!! Many dogs love to play fetch outside. There are some interesting gadgets and devices to make fetch into a more productive activity for you as well as for your dog. These gadgets and devices make throwing a ball an easier task for people as they require less effort than typically necessary for throwing.

Personally, in gym class I recall being one of the last kids to be chosen for teams. It was usually down to me and Fiona (aka Fat Fiona). Let’s just say that I have never been athletically inclined. I have included fetch toys to fit all human ability and skill levels.  Always make sure that you don’t over work your dog.  Make sure that your dog has access to plenty of cool water and shade.  On hot days, be aware that dogs can easily become overheated which might lead to heat stroke.

With that said, let’s talk about balls.  There are devices for standard size balls and small balls.  Hey, keep your mind out of the gutter!!!  This is NOT that kind of website!!!  We are talking about fetch.


HyperDog Ball Launcher

The HyperDog Ball Launchers are designed like a slingshots and work with standard tennis balls. The HyperDog 4 Ball Launcher (the picture on the left) can propel balls as far as 220 feet.  The HyperDog Tennis Dog can propel a ball further than 75 feet.

Hyper Dog Tennis




The Hyper K-9 Kannon™ is a ball launcher which works with ordinary tennis balls.  It features hands-free pickup which keeps your hands clean the manufacturer states that ball will only travel up to 75 feet. It is constructed from plastic and comes in the classic size and a mini size. You can find the Classic Size and the Mini Version.







The iFetch is a machine. It has been feature in the New York Times,, and Fox 5 News to name a few. This pet tech device iiFetch Dachs designed for smaller dogs. It requires a bit of training as a dog would need to become familiar with how it operates.  It requires mini tennis balls (1.5 inches in diameter) which come with the unit. The device can run on 6 C-cell batteries or you may plug it into a wall socket. The balls may be launched automatically or by a hand held remote control. This gadget has three settings for distance; it can propel the ball for 10, 20, or 30 feet. All you need to do it drop the ball into the funnel and it will do the rest. As of yet there isn’t a model for bigger dogs, but the manufacturer is working on it. 




Boomer Ball & Dog

The Boomer Ball is very durable and comes in four sizes. Basically, dogs chase the Boomer Ball around the park or backyard. The Boomer Ball can also float in water. This toy requires minimal human involvement for the toy to be used. This is an excellent option for those people who have physical limitations. Your dog simply needs to explore the toy and figure out how to play and wrestle around with it. You may choose either red or blue and it comes in 4 sizes.

Sizes and prices are as follows:

Small 4” $9.95
Medium 6” $15.95
Large 6” $22.95
Extra Large 10” $29.95


Enjoy the weather and remember to be monitor your dog while outside.  Make sure your dog has access to cool water and shade.  When it is hot outside, limit outdoor time as you want to avoid heat stroke.


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  1. Janie


    Thanks for visiting my website. I am not the most athletic person so I wanted to take into account that there might be other people out there who might need a little bit of help with throwing skills. I like that one too. It takes nothing to operate and it has hands free pick up. LOL

    I hope your day was wonderful as well.

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