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Veteran’s Day – Honoring Our Service Members (Including the Dogs)

Veteran’s Day – Honoring Our Service Members (Including the Dogs)

In the military, dogs have performed a multitude of tasks.  Their training is an in-depth process and different dogs are trained to perform specialize4068945550_02b4bfa959d skills.  The K-9 Corps have been utilized to sniff out explosives.  They have been used to alert soldiers of  enemies and snipers and to warn them of potential attacks and ambushes.  K-9s have been used for search and rescue of injured soldiers and to find those who are deceased.  These dogs have also been trained to patrol and to attack on command.  Dogs in the military have been used for other tasks as well. 


An essential job that is often overlooked is the service animals.  Many soldiers who return from deployment with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) require extensive therapy and emotional support.  Service men and women who suffer from this psychological disorder h9635450657_a34b663447_z(1)ave benefited greatly from the therapeutic relationship with their service dogs.  Some soldiers with physical disabilities have been able to use service dogs to perform tasks that the soldiers are no longer able to master independently.  Dogs have been a very important part of the military force.  Let’s recognize the hard work of the military dogs for their outstanding work, dedication, and for their loyalty.  Let’s be thankful for the K-9s (along with their handlers and trainers) who have used their training to support our troops during deployment and for those who have been trained to provide our service men and women who are in need of psychological support and physical assistance following their return home.

Of course, let’s to give our brave men and women who serve our country appreciation.  Thank you for your diligence and patriotism.  Those of you who are back from their deployment, welcome home.  For those of you who are away at this time, I wish you a safe and speedy return.

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