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Halloween Dog Costumes 2015

Halloween Dog Costumes 2015

It’s that time of year again. Check out these fabulous Halloween dog costumes. They are so creative and they really add spirit and spunk to this fun holiday. I hope you enjoy these pics as much as I have.

If you are are considering purchasing a costume for your pet there are plenty available at great prices.  See my Flash Sales page.



This Year’s Troublemaker

prison halloween



Please order the salmon instead!!!

Lobster Dog Halloween



Superman to the Rescue

Halloween superman



Football Season!!!

Halloween Football Player



Here Comes the Blushing Bride!

halloween Bride



Cheer up Batman!!!

batman halloween



NYC Transit Bus

halloween MTA Transportation



Gimme a break!!!  I’m trying to quit!

halloween cigarette & drink



It’s a tarantula!!!

Chow Spider Halloween



Polo anyone???

Halloween Polo Player



They thought we were extinct!

halloween Dinosaur



Medieval Times

Medieval dog Halloween

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