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Fireworks are Coming

Fireworks are Coming

Uh oh… The 4th of July is drawing closer. I can visualize my dogs on that evening. As the fireworks blast, Beverly (AKA Bevi) is fine, but Harriet is a whole different story. When she hears loud noises the panting starts, her tongue is out, and her eyes practically pop out of their sockets. She trembles on my love seat which makes sitting next to her feel like an experience with a cheap coin-operated vibrating bed in trashy old motel rooms long ago. When Harriet hears a sudden loud noise she freaks out.  She runs for cover into a closet or seeks refuge in the bathroom behind the toilet.


They have two different dogs with two very distinctive personalities. Bevi’s big issue is not loud noises. Beverly runs into problems with car sickness and nerves when traveling.

Pet anxiety makes dogs feel vulnerable, frightened, and helpless. Pet owners often feel powerless as many don’t have any tools or know-how to provide our dogs with the security and comfort that they need.  I have used two products that I have fallen in love with. I am so sorry that I didn’t publish this article earlier. If I had run low on those products then I would have thought to tell you about it sooner. I will be more mindful of this in the future.  I have used Pet Alive PetCalm by Native Remedies. It is a homeopathic treatment for nervousness. I give her a dose prior to thunderstorms and festivities like the fourth of July. It has helped her to cope. Not everything works for everybody, but I’ve had success with this product.

I have used the granule formulas which have worked very well for my dogs.  I haven’t used the other formulas, but I am sure that the other formulas are just as effective.

It is helpful to desensitize your dogs to loud noises so that when Independence day comes around, the drama will be reduced. Exposure to noises that are not so scary and giving treats and then increasing the stimuli little by little. This training takes time to build.

Try to be aware of YOUR behavior when your dog reacts to fear. Do NOT feed into it the drama. You might just be reinforcing the dog’s fears which is very difficult to undo.

Try to mask loud scary sounds with music. Use common sense. Do NOT play Riders on the Storm by The Doors!!! Play calming music.

Exercise your dog! Exercise allows a dog to get rid of excess energy that might contribute to nervousness later on.

PetCalm™ is a homeopathic remedy.  This means that it cannot be tossed around into a bag.  It must be stored away from electronics, heat, sunlight, and spices.  You must keep it undisturbed until you need to use it.  The properties of homeopathic substances are VERY sensitive.

There are many websites with holistic information and products for the health of your dog.  Before making any changes or additions to your dog’s diet always do your research so that YOU can make an informed decision!



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