Financial Assistance for Dogs

Caring for a dog could be daunting for those who are enduring financial hardship.  So many dogs are surrendered, abandoned, or euthanized (some states still use gas which is painful and cruel) because owners don’t have the financial resources to provide adequate care.

There are charities, funds, organizations, and foundations as well as other forms of assistance that are available to provide help.  I included those which provide assistance nationwide.  A simple google search can help you find assistance in your state or listings by state.

Don’t give up.  There is still hope.


Emergency & Non-Emergency Veterinary Care

Veterinary Care Sign Showing Pet Clinic Or HospitalAll Pets Wellness Foundation
Provides funds for emergency medical care for pets.

Dylan’s Hearts
Provides financial assistance for the treatment of critical injury or illness that requires a specific treatment.

The Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE)
Provides financial grants for animal owners who are unable to partially or fully cover the cost of their pet’s emergency or critical care.

Friends & Vets Helping Pets
Funds treatments for curable lifesaving diseases such as tumors, broken bones, ambulatory care, expensive medication, or post-surgical prosthetics.

Pets of the Homeless Pet Veterinary Care Program
Pet food and veterinary care assistance for homeless people.

In Memory of Magic (IMOM)
Helps financially challenged people pay for medical treatment for sick, injured, and abused pets.

The Mosby Foundation
The Mosby Foundation They provide financial assistance for non-emergency medical pet care and treatment.

Onyx and Breezy Foundation
Supports medical treatment for animals where hardship is present as well as medication, pet food, spay and neuter.

Ozzy Foundation
Helps pet guardians with the financial costs of veterinarian bills and provides a supportive place for those caring for a chronically ill pet.

Paws 4 A Cure
Helps families that are in need of non-routine veterinary financial assistance for their dog or cat.

Pet Assistance Inc.
Provides funding for emergency medical care for pets.

The Pet Fund
Provides financial assistance to pet owners who need urgent veterinary care to avoid putting their pets down or allowing them to suffer due to inability to afford care.

The Prince Chuck Foundation Emergency Veterinary Care Assistance Program
Provides free emergency medical care to financially struggling pet owners.

Red Rover Relief
Provides financial assistance to pet owners and animal rescuers to obtain urgent veterinary care.  They also help victims of domestic violence with their pets.

Sam Simon Foundation Mobile Veterinary Clinic
This mobile veterinary clinic provides free surgical services to families with a total household income less than $40,000/year, and the pet must already be sterilized or be sterilized at the time of the surgery.


Disease Specific

The Big Hearts Fund
Provides financial assistance for the diagnosis and treatment of canine and feline heart disease

Cody’s Club
Provides financial support owners with dogs needing to undergo radiation treatments on a limited income. Cody’s Club also offers emotional support services in the form of a hotline and in-person group that meets monthly.

Frankie’s Friends
Dedicated to finding cures and saving pets with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation
Under the JLACF’s bylaws as approved by the IRS, grants can only be provided for pets under the care of a board-certified veterinary oncologist.

Land of Pure Gold Foundation
Provides cancer treatment grants for working dogs, and funding research in comparative oncology.

The Magic Bullet Fund
Helps people who have a dog with cancer but cannot afford treatment costs.

The Riedel & Cody Fund
Families with pets that have cancer and have a realistic chance for a positive outcome can receive financial assistance toward medical care.

Stymie Canine Cancer Foundation
Raises funds for families in need of financial support for the cost of cancer treatment for their pets.


Service Dogs for Veterans & Others in Need

Service DogAssistance Dogs United Campaign
The ADUC provides vouchers to individuals with disabilities enabling them to approach an ADUC member program to find an assistance dog with the necessary funds.

Canine Companions for Independence
provides professionally trained assistance dogs for people with physical disabilities. Through Canine Companions Wounded Veterans Initiative, assistance dogs are available to Veterans with physical disabilities resulting from military service, free of charge.

Canines for Service
Canines for Veterans, a program of Canines for Service, is a national program that provides Veterans with disabilities quality trained service dogs. Service dogs are provided to qualified recipients at no cost to the recipient.

The Gift of Sunshine – The Hope Chest
Helps to offset the initial fee to obtain a service dog.

Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet
A national military and veteran support organization assisting active duty service members, wounded warriors, veterans, and their beloved companion animals or assistance service canines through various assistance programs. These programs include: the Military and Veteran Pet Foster Home Program, Military Pet Assistance fund.

K9s for Warriors
Train specifically for PTSD, TBI for block & cover and teach Veteran how to train the dog for individually needed tasks. No cost for dog, or lodging.  Serves post 9/11 veterans.

Formed the Canines for Combat Veterans (CCV) program, which is today known as Assistance Dogs for Veterans (ADV).  The Assistance Dogs for Veterans program pairs highly trained NEADS dogs with qualified veterans.

Sam Simon Foundation Service Dogs for Veterans
Provides Service Dogs trained for veterans diagnosed with PTSD as a result of serving in the Iraq/Afghanistan conflicts. Other tasks we may train for include assistance with hearing loss, TBI (traumatic brain injury), and moderate physical limitations due to injury.

Sam Simon Foundation Hearing Dog Program
Provides Certified Hearing Dogs for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Star Relief Pets for Military Vets Reimbursement
Provides financial reimbursement to military veterans for life-saving medical treatment for adopted shelter dogs.

Warrior Canine Connection
There is no fee for the dog or for the training, however they DO NOT automatically cover your transportation costs to their facility to train with the dog. They ‘may’ be able to help financially with those cost.



Brown Dog Foundation
Provides medication for dogs when pet owners are enduring a temporary financial crisis.

The Gift of Sunshine – Gandalf Fund
Provides financial assistance for working and retired assistance dogs in the event of catastrophic illness or accidental injury.

Handicapped Pets Foundation
Helps caretakers get the financial support they need through donations from individuals and organizations to get wheelchairs for their pets.

Pets of the Homeless Pet Food Program
Pet food and veterinary care assistance for homeless people.

Red Rover Relief
Provides financial assistance to pet owners and animal rescuers to obtain urgent veterinary care.  They also help victims of domestic violence with their pets.

Star Relief Home For Life
Offers assistance for emergency medical care, emergency boarding/foster care, spay & neuter, and routine medical care (vaccines, microchip, etc).


Pet Food Assistance

Dog Beg for Food Sign 2Onyx and Breezy Foundation
Supports medical treatment for animals where hardship is present as well as medication, pet food, spay and neuter.

Petco Foundation Food Bank Program
Petco has food bank partners which are funded in order to provide pets food to those who are unable to afford to feed their pets.

Pets of the Homeless Pet Food Program
Pet food and veterinary care assistance for homeless people.

The Prince Chuck Foundation Food Assistance Program
The Pet Food Assistance program provides financially struggling pet owners with three months’ supply of pet food.

Star Relief Pet Food Pantry
Provides free pet food to those who are experiencing financial hardship.


Low Cost Vaccinations

Type in your zip code and Petco service locations and times of program operation will be listed.



Low Cost Spaying & Neutering

A nationwide search engine to find clinics which provide low-cost spay and neuter clinics and referrals.

Best Friends Animal Society
Just type in your zip code and a list of participating veterinarians will be emailed to you.  Call the vet first to confirm they still participate in the program and to confirm the price.  Cost for sterilization is $90 for female dogs and $64 for male dogs.

Spay and Neuter Coalition
Simply type in your zip code to find low-cost spay and neuter listings in your area.

A possible option for those on Medicaid is to do a google search and find resources for medicaid – spay – neuter.  


Crowdfunding & Fundraising

Give Forward

You Caring

Pet Chance



Care Credit
A credit card company for health care, including veterinary care.

An alternative to Care Credit.  There is no interest, no finance charges, just a $25 processing fee to enroll, and a flat $3 service charge is added to each installment payment. They are serving around 25 states and expanding.


This list was created in November of 2015.  I will continue to update from time to time.


  1. Linda Pannell

    I am looking for help with my dog. She has been a constant companion for me since the lost of my husband. I am on a fixed income so I have limited funds. My dog has hard large areas around her nipples. I can’t take her to the vet because I can’t afford it. I want to know how to help her. Could anyone tell me of a free vet who will exam my dog. Any help will be appreciated. I live in Columbus Ohio. Thanks again.

    1. Janie

      Hi Donna-

      Please scroll down in the article and you will see Low Cost Vaccinations. It is CRITICAL that you read the vaccination article that I placed a link to before you do anything.

      Thanks for visiting my website.

  2. Suzanne Cannon

    Hi Janie, I came across this post and wanted to let you know about my company, VetBilling – a business I launched in Jan. 2014. We work through veterinarians, and we enable them to offer their clients installment payment plans to finance costly veterinary care. We are an alternative to Care Credit when a pet owner is declined or doesn’t wish to use a line of credit to pay. There is no interest, no finance charge, just a $25 processing fee to enroll, and a flat $3 service charge is added to each installment payment. That’s it! We are in about 25 states now and work with about 100 veterinary practices. We have a long way to go – I would like pet owners to have this payment option at EVERY vet. You can learn more about us (and me) on our web site,, or on Facebook at Thank you! I hope this is helpful information for you and your readers.

  3. Leeann Jacaway

    Hi my name is LeeAnn I recently became homeless I have a 5yr Chihuahua I did just get his rabie shot but it’s gonna cost me 43 dollars to have him license and I really need help. I’d anyone can please help me or know of a place that could help me I would be really grateful thank you.

    1. Janie

      Hi LeeAnn-

      I am truly sorry to hear about your circumstances. The rabies shot should not cost that much. Did you try the Vetco link on this page? You can type in your zip code and you will be able to find low cost rabies shots.

      Thank you for visiting my website. I hope that Vetco can help you. If not, please let me know what your zip code is and I will try to see if I could find anything – I would probably google the “rabies vaccine” and “zip code” together and see what comes up.

      All the best,

  4. Brenda

    Hello my name is Brenda and I have an 8yr old Chihuahua n I have taken him 3 times to the vet this month because my dog would urinate on the bed at night they thought it was a bladder infection so they gave him antibiotics well now there saying he has a lot of glucose in his urine so they think diabetes but the test is expensive and I already spent every penny I had trying to find out what was wrong I really need help cause I don’t want my dog to suffer but I jus don’t have any money left please steer me in the right direction

    1. Janie

      Hi Brenda-

      I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through with your vet. I would recommend that you give a couple of these organizations a call and ask questions. My list is pretty comprehensive, but I might have missed a few. There are so many resources. You have no idea how much time I spent on gathering all the information on this page. I tried searching for financial assistance for dogs with diabetes, but Try giving one of them a call. If they cannot help then ask them if they have any suggestions. Any leads can bring you closer to the help you need.

      I saw an article from The Whole Dog Journal – Managing Diabetes in Dogs that might be of interest to you. I tried to search the net for charities and foundations geared towards providing financial assistance for diabetes, but I wasn’t able to find anything. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. It just might take some time to find the help you need.

      Thanks so much for visiting my website. I hope you will be able to get some help. If you discover an organization that is focused on diabetes, please share it with me and my readers. I am sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance. Please keep me posted.

      All the best-

  5. Shikara Kelly

    I am looking for help get my fianees dog neutered. He is starting to get very territorial and he is marking EVERYTHING. We cant afford to get it done right as we are broker than broke at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    1. Janie

      Hi Shikara-

      Thank you for visiting my website. If he is marking in the same place he might be smelling the urine and marking over it. When it comes to marking, if he is marking then you want to remove the scent completely. What humans think is removed is usually not removed for a dog. Here is an article to check out: The BEST Pet Odor Remover. When the odor is completely removed, the dog will not continue to mark over it.

      I am assuming that the dog is housebroken and knows to go outside and not just a young puppy that is learning. If he is a puppy and just learning, you will need to teach him how to go outside.

      You stated that he is marking all over. I just wanted to mention about removing the odor in case he has a few places he marks continuously.

      At the bottom of the article I have sources for spay and neuter programs that provide services at substantially lower prices than vets would typically charge. If you are on medicaid you might be able to do a google search and find resources for medicaid – spay – neuter. I just added that suggestion to my article after reading your comment. Hopefully you will be able to get this frustrating issue under control.

      Make sure that your dog isn’t too young because early spaying and neutering removes a lot of the endocrine system and can cause issues later on.

      I hope you will be able to get the help you need.
      Best of luck

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