What I Have Fed My Own Dogs

My dogs are on a Biologically Appropriate Raw Diet (the acronym is BARF).  By design, dogs are meant to eat food that is raw.  Eating a proper diet promotes optimal health.  It is relatively costly, but I can’t count the number of dog owners who spent a fortune on vets to address health issues that were cleared up after they switched their diets.  The vets only made the symptoms less visible, but they neglected to address the actual issue.  My dogs have healthy skin and nails.  They don’t have a typical “doggie odor” and their coats are healthy.  When we eat properly, our poop doesn’t stink up the bathroom.  By the same token, my dogs eat a biologically correct diet for their species.  Their poop does not have an offensive odor and it is never messy.  Their organs are in top condition and their eyes are clear.  They are fit and thriving.  Here is a video that shows you how I feed my dogs.

I did not add any supplement in order to simplify the video.  I will do that at a later date.  So now you are thinking, if the food is so perfect, why would they need supplements?  The answer is, although their diet comes close to the diet that would be available in the wild, it falls short because their diet does not consist of fresh kill.  The intestines of freshly killed animals contain partially digested food which is one of the healthiest part of a wild animal’s diet.  The meat has exponentially more nutrients and enzymes when the meat is so fresh.  Therefore food can’t really replicate wild freshly killed meat. In this video I wanted to just give viewers a basic view of how easy a raw food diet could be. To read more about Barfworld, check out my article The BEST Dog Food for Beginners. I was able to negotiate a promotion for my blog community which gives you to a free gold membership for 3 months. This entitles you to free shipping for 3 months along with other sales and promotions. This could be a savings of approximately $75 in shipping costs! In order to get the free 3 month gold membership, just call Barfworld at 1-866-282-2273 (BARF) and mention the free gold membership along with my name (Janie) or essentiallydogs.com. The Barfworld team is VERY knowledgeable about nutrition and health. They provide free telephone consultations so you can gain a better understanding about raw diets and products that are appropriate for your dog. They will guide you with portions for your dog’s size and weight as well making the transition from your dog’s current food. Barfworld also carries excellent supplements. At Barfworld the staff members are trustworthy and very competent. They are my choice for a nutritious diet for my dogs. They wolf it down like wild beasts! They LOVE it!

Raw Paws Tubes FramedFor more advanced raw feeders I recommend Raw Paws.  I have also used this food for my dogs as I have become more confident with feeding raw.  Although Barfwold has everything and is easy, I like to mix things up a bit and throw in this and that like.  Not everybody considers that to be fun, but I do LOL.  Raw Paws has a much larger assortment of products.  You can read more about their food in my article The BEST Dog Food for the Advanced.  In that article I discuss the Raw Paws diet which requires more work because of preparation.  Barfworld comes in the form of patties and nuggets.  While some of Raw Paws food is available in the form of patties, the price (pound per pound) is quite higher than the bulk (which takes some time to portion out).  Some advanced raw feeders prefer to add their own whole food supplements.  The Barfworld diet already contains whole food supplements including fruits, veggies, and more.


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