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Let me start out by telling you that this harness is amazing. I tried it with my dog, Harriet who could be quite unruly when taking walks. She is much easier to handle with a collar, but I HATE the idea of using a collar because it is very bad to put stress onto a dog’s neck. The trachea is sensitive and stress and pressure to the trachea could cause big problems. Short faced (brachycephalic) dogs run the risk of having severe (even life-threatening) issues if they pull while wearing a collar. Some dogs risk having the trachea collapse. You can read more about these dogs in my article.

Walk in Sync™ is a winner.  It is a patented device that is very effective.  The least attaches to the ring which is located in the front of the harness rather than in the back. When Harriet pulled, the design forced her body back and positioned so that she would be looking at me. I will never forget that expression on her face. I could almost hear her voice telling me, “What the F*%K is goin’ on here?” as she looked up at me. When she stopped to sniff every single object that was perpendicular to the ground (how annoying), I pulled her very gently and she obeyed. Not only did she allow some slack on the leash, but she also to learn to walk beside me instead of ahead. The harness prevented lunging, pulling, and jumping. It was like I had a different dog.



1. Fully Adjustable Neck Strap
Easy on – easy off, provides a superior fit to dogs and pups of all sizes and ages, your dog cannot climb out of this harness

2. Front Clip
Precise positioning of connection with leash that fits well below the throat for no choking

Walkinsync Features

3. Harness Reflector Clips
Safe for evening walks

4. Belly Strap
Unique positioning that allows for full range of motion of shoulders, safest harness for exercising and growing puppies without any chaffing

5. Adjustable Girth Straps
Fully adjustable girth straps provide a comfortable secure fit

6. Back Clip
After your dog has perfected not pulling clip the leash back here for exercise

7. Get-A-Grip Handles
Provide exact hand positions for accuracy and consistency while mastering the walk and NO LEASH BURN EVER, no more leash wrapping out of fear just a secure calm grip

8. Quick Clip Release Loop
Just unbuckle and buckle, great for puppy training and securing your dog next to your during morning coffee or lunch

Walkinsync HarnessjpgThere are other products that work in a similar manner, but the biggest difference that I immediately noticed was the way in which the Walk In Sync is designed with such attention to detail. The harness is fully adjustable. You can adjust the size of the neck and around the body as well. There are two sturdy fasteners that fasten each side of the harness to the top which close securely. Yeah, I know that having two fasteners could be less convenient than one, but remember that they snap into place like a seatbelt. For the lazy people who are rolling their eyes, I want you to know that having those fasteners is one of the best features of this harness. Having two fasteners maintains better symmetry so that the harness remains in place and balanced evenly providing excellent structure and support. This makes it more comfortable and stable than many other harnesses.


This product is also vet recommended.  Here is a testimonial:


The leash is sold separately. It’s really great. Their exclusive patented Walk in Sync™ Accu-grip leash makes it comfortable and easy to grip. I also love the loop at the top of the leash. The size of that loop is adjustable and it has a snap buckle as well. When I go dining al fresco with my four-legged girls, I simply open the fastener on the loop and fasten it around my chair or the bench.
The developer of Walk in Sync™ also has her book, The In Sync™ Dog Training Method available for purchase as well as The Walk In Sync™ Method Home Study Course which includes DVDs. The Walk In Sync™ Method: 6 Secrets Your Dog Wants to Teach You To Unleash Your Greatest Potential is also available.


Here is the WalkIn Sync™ in action:


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About the Developer:

Walk-In-Sync-Alecia-Bio-Pic-Book-2Alecia Evans, is a Nationally Recognized Animal Healer, Health Expert and Holistic Dog Trainer. Her WalkIn Sync™ with Your Dog’s Health Program takes into account the Whole Animal when assessing behavioral and health issues. Alecia is the inventor of the Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System. Her work has transformed the behaviors and health of thousands of clients around the work. Her has been featured on Fido Friendly, Animal Wellness Magazine, Pet Connection Magazine, many others.

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