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Dr. Becker’s Bites
Dr. Karen Becker is one of the leading holistic vets in the country. She has created her own healthy dog treats. Get 10% off your first order now! These treats do not contain any carbohydrates. Dr. Becker has carried these treats at her animal hospital. They are recommended for all dogs. Dogs who have various health conditions do very well with these treats. As carbohydrates are metabolized, they feed bad bacteria, yeast, and other infectious tissues causing further illness and inflammatory issues.  

Dr. Becker’s Bites are:
-GMO free
-Organic berriesorder button
-Made AND sourced in the USA
-NO fillers
-NO carbs
-Free range grass fed cattle
-Rich in antioxidants


Aside from her regular Dr. Becker’s Bites, she also created a Solutions product line. They come in treat form and in shaker form (that can be a topper for meals).  This line adds specific ingredients to provide some additional support for a variety of issues including:

-Joint Support
-Gut/GIorder button




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