Favorite Blogs & Websites

Dog Blogs & Websites:

Auction4PetSupplies – This is a membership-based site where in which a portion of the sales are donated to rescue organizations.

Dog Friendly – This is a travel website for dog friendly travel.  Be aware of breed specific legislation and local dog laws of your destination.

Dog Gone Good – This is Gayle Pruitt’s website.  Gayle conducts nutritional research in which she focuses on human and canine nutrition with a specialty in digestive issues and disorders. 

Dog Jaunt – This site is all about traveling with dogs.  Be aware of breed specific legislation and local dog laws of your destination.

Dogs4Dogs – This website exposes the lies that are fed to pet owners by the pet industry and the traditional veterinary community.  This website has sister websites:  Truth4Dogs and Truth4Pets.

Dogs N Pawz – This blog shares ways to make dog’s lives better.

Dr. Marty (Goldstein) – This is Dr. Marty’s blog.  He is a celebrity veterinarian who focuses on treating holistically.  Martha Stewart and Oprah bring their dogs to him.  I personally take my dogs to his clinic for their medical treatment.

Fearful DogsInformation and advice for owners and trainers of fearful, shy, anxious and aggressive dogs.

Keep the Tail Wagging – This blog is about raising dogs naturally, sharing their own experiences while learning from other dog owners, and inspiring dog owners to make at least one natural choice for their dogs.

ohmidog – This is a great website to check out for current events relating to dogs. Many posts have videos as well.

Pressplay PetsPressplay Pets is a blog for like minded pet people who share their unparalleled love and welfare of all animals.

Schnauzers Rule – Schnauzers Rule is a complete owner’s guide for the Miniature Schnauzer lover and dog enthusiasts. Topics include dog grooming, obedience and tricks.

The Truth About Pet FoodManufactured Dog & Cat Foods: Is There Poison in the Can? Find out the truth.

Tweedle Pet Products – They make raw, dehydrated, and freshly baked gourmet treats which are natural, organic, gluten free, and made in the USA.

Two Little Caveliers – Two Little Cavaliers is a Dog Lifestyle Blog. We talk about everything form Pet Safety to Dog Health Topics to recipes you can make for your dogs.

The Wholistic Vet’s Blog – Dr. Coger’s goal is to help pets live longer, healthier lives through the use of natural diet, minimal vaccines, and integrative veterinary medicine.


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Adopt a Pet

Care 2 Animal Welfare Petitions

Crossposting & Advocating for Animals Community


Find a Shelter


The Shelter Dog Project

Urgent Pets on Death


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American Holistic Veterinary Medicine Association (Vet Finder Search Tool)

Animal Law Resource Center

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers

Companion Animal Law Blog

National Animal Interest Alliance (Animal Law)

Pet Guardian Angels of America


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Other Friends:

Collectibulldogs – A blog & website which carries Bulldog-themed collectibles for Bulldog lovers