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Exotic Natural Gourmet Dog Treats

Exotic Natural Gourmet Dog Treats

Jump Your Bones makes the most amazing treats I have ever given to my dogs.  These treats are truly the finest delicacies imaginable.  They suitable for both dogs and cats. The treats are made using pasture-raised beef and lamb, wild kangaroo meat from Australia.  The shark and green lipid mussels come from the coast of Australia and New Zealand. The raw ingredients are trimmed of excess fat and then dehydrated using a cooling based process so that the nutrients are locked in while pathogens are killed. This process makes for a nutritious treat that is free of “junk” and additives.  The manufacturer strictly adheres to HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) food safety guideline principles.

Jump Your Bones Group

These treats are made with pure ingredients
NO Preservatives
NO artificial Flavoring
NO Added Salt
NO Added Sugar
NO Artificial Coloring
NO Binding Agents
NO Soy
NO Grains
NO Fillers
Gluten Free

I had several dogs try the Kangaroo Dice, Green Lipid Mussel, Shark Bites, Lamb Puffs, Shiver, and Roo Jerky. I found that all the dogs enjoyed the treats.

Shark BitesWith regard to the Shark Bites, some of the tiny dogs had some difficulty.  These particular treats are shaped as cubes and they are hard.  Keep in mind that they are treats because they do not contain softening agents or other junk as many other treats have. The smaller dogs (less than 10 pounds) kept on working on the Shark Bites, but they were a bit of a challenge for their tiny teeth.  A couple of small dogs threw them around and played with them.  One of the little dogs buried hers into the couch cushions and had fun digging out the Shark Bite.  The other small dogs enjoyed the challenge of working on them.  One of my dogs has very sensitive teeth.  She licked the treat and tried to chew it.  She then dropped it and stared at me.  I broke apart the Shark Bite and she devoured it.  Larger dogs were able to chew them up quickly.

All the treats are very healthy as they are whole foods which are free of chemical and additives.  Green Lipid Mussel and the shark products are excellent for the joints.  They contain omega-3 fats, enzymes, antioxidants, and other nutrients.  Green lipid mussel has recently begun to gain popularity in the holistic community.

These treats are designed to be healthy treats.  They hold their nutrients due to minimal processing and the use of the cooling process used to dehydrate them.  Therefore, they have a little bit of odor.  I allowed my own dogs to eat the treats on the sofa.  There were no stinky problems.  Their mouths smelled minimally when they finished the treats, but the odor went away as the hair around their mouths dried out from any drool.  I only detected the smell when I put my nose to their mouths.  I have found that I cannot stand the smell of treats like rawhide treat products.  These treats are nothing like those types of treats.  The Jump Your Bones treats have less odor than those types of treats and are healthier by far.

Many dogs have difficulty digesting treats like rawhide based products because of all the junk that most of them contain.  Their poop stinks and often times loose after having those types of treats.  The Jump Your Bones treats were fine with my own dogs.  Other dog owners reported no changes in their dog’s poop.Lamb Puffs Jump

The beef, lamb, kangaroo, shark, and green lipid mussels were a big hit! The manufacturer has other products which I would like to try out as well.  Not one dog had a bad reaction except for excessive begging after trying them. I did not give the small or medium size dogs more than one treat because they are food treats and I don’t make it a habit of feeding my dogs treat after treat (especially since they are so small). The only case in which I gave 2 treats was when I was giving them to a bigger dog.

Jump Your Bones treats have been featured in Pet Product News International.  They were also sponsors for the Bark for the Cure Cancer event at the International Polo Club.  They make their treats with love.

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