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DIY Emergency Wallet Card

DIY Emergency Wallet Card

OK…  We all know that SH*T happens.  Well what happens when your dogs are at home by themselves while the SH*T is happening???  I decided to make a wallet card in case of an emergency.

This is a very simple DIY project.  Just print out the card, cut outside the black border and it will fit into your wallet.  I highly recommend laminating the card.  I made it a little bit smaller than a standard business card so you can leave an additional edge around the border if you choose to laminate it.  Remember to fill it in BEFORE you laminate it!!!

Make sure that the people you list on the card have keys to your home so that they can access your pets.

In case there are legal issues with disclosing certain information regarding any details, I added your name, number and signature at the bottom of the card  to provide your authorization.  I’m not a lawyer, but I figured that it might be a good thing to add. 

Emergency Card resized - with ED



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