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Dog Language Translator

Dog Language Translator

Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking?  What would it be like if your dog could simply talk to you?  There is a device that is claiming to do this and it sounds very interesting to me.  Not everybody is adept at reading their dog’s body language.  This gadget has grazed the pages of several websites including, The Daily Mail, Time, and Modern Dog.  I think that this gadget might offer some promise.    

No More Woof is a Swedish device in the process of development by the Nordic Society for Improvement and Discovery.  The prototype currently in version 3.2.  It is a work in progress so it is unsure when it will reach the final stage of development.

The manufacturer has designed the unit to translate a dog’s basic thoughts.  They provided the following examples of thoughts that the device can pick up:  “I’m tired,” “I’m hungry,” “I’m curious who that is,” and “I want to pee.”  These basic thoughts create predictable brain patterns which are read and translated using advanced technology.  The unit is able to translate to English, Mandarin, French, and Spanish.  The manufacturer is in the process of adding additional languages.  The device uses EEG, BCI, and a transmitter to convert a dog’s thoughts into spoken language.

EEG (electroencephalogram) technology detects the brain’s electrical impulses which are read as brainwaves.  The brainwaves indicate the brain’s basic activity.  EEGs are used to study human brain activity to detect dementia, strokes, attention deficit disorder, and amnesia.

BCI is takes technology to a different level.  This technology has been studied since the 70’s.  It  enables the brain to communicate with a device which assists in converting thoughts.  The device is fastened to the dog’s head Such technology is used to convert brain activity that’s in the form of thoughts and transfer that information to a transmitter which processes, translates, and expresses those thoughts and emotions in the form of language that we can interpret.   

Let’s see if this one becomes a winner.  I have high hopes, but  I wonder if Rover will keep this gadget on his head long enough to determine what’s on his mind?  I was a bit disappointed that the video didn’t present a demonstration to see the device in action.  Do you think that this technology will enable a dog to communicate his thoughts in plain English?  Remember that it is not at the finishing stages so the device is being refined.  It is not meant to pick up on any complex thoughts.  Rover won’t be telling you elaborate stories, but I think it is reasonable that this technology can be developed to help dogs to communicate very basic thoughts and emotions.  

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      Hi Eva-

      Thanks for visiting my website. I don’t know if this is available to be purchased. There was an Indigogo campaign, but that has been closed. I am not sure that it is a available to be purchased.

      I wish I could be more helpful.
      All the best

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