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Coconut – A Natural Miracle

Coconut – A Natural Miracle

I add oil to my dogs’ diet.  I alternate  different types of oil that I add to their food each day.  One of my favorites is coconut oil.  I add coconut oil to my own diet as well.  I have applied coconut oil topically to heal hot spots and other skin irritations.  When you decide to add coconut oil to a dog’s diet, it is important to understand that not all coconut oil is the same.  The healthy stuff is only the coconut oil that is raw virgin and organic.  Processing alters the molecular structure of the coconut oil  in a bad way.  It is ONLY coconut oil that is in its organic raw virgin form that carries all the wonderful health benefits.  Coconut oil may be taken internally or applied topically.

There have been several studies that have yielded conflicting results.  The reason why is simple.  It is because some research was performed on processed and refined coconut oil (ex. hydrogenated).  This is why I cannot stress how important it is that the coconut oil in its most natural form that has boundless health benefits.  Various processing is unhealthy!


The benefits of raw organic coconut oil:

Coconut Opened with Husk• Improves condition of the skin and coat
• Soothes itchy or irritated skin
• Helps ease allergy symptoms
• Helps relive kennel cough
• Strengthens immune function
• Expels or kills intestinal parasites
• Helps keep blood sugar in balance
• Improves energy and balances metabolism
• Improves digestion and nutrient absorption
• Reduces or eliminates body odor & bad breath
• Improves oral health and whitens teeth
• Helps reduce excess body fat and maintain proper weight
• Protects against digestive disorders such as ulcers and colitis
• Prevents and fights bacterial, viral, and yeast infections
• Helps build strong bones
• Helps prevent and ease joint pain and ligament problems
• Speeds healing from cuts, burns, insect bites, hot spots, and other injuries
• Regulates and balances insulin and promotes normal thyroid function
• Helps prevent and control diabetes
• Protects against fleas, ticks, mites, and other parasites (topically)


Coconut Therapy Book When choosing coconut oil products it is important that it is cold pressed,raw, unrefined, contains no bleaches, no chemicals, and no additives.  A couple of products that that fit the bill are on the Only Natural Pet coconut page.  I have found.  They also make Coconut Chips for dogs which are actually pure flakes of high quality coconut with nothing added.  The Cocotherapy product is featured on the cover the Bruce Fife’s book.  He has written several books about coconut oil.  He has often been called “Dr. Coconut” because he knows just about everything there is to know about coconuts.

Another great use for coconut oil is for dry irritated eyes.  A little bit of coconut oil can be applied directly into the eye.  Yes- right onto the eyeball.  This will soothe the eye and help heal with its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.  I also use coconut oil topically to lubricate irritations and dry areas on myself and my dogs.  After a bath and drying my dog’s hair I dip a finger into it. putting the tiniest bit onto my finger, rub my hands together, then I rub the residue onto the hair and comb it out.  It makes the coat really shiny..



Dr. Karen Becker recommends 1/4 teaspoon for every 10 pounds of body weight twice daily for overall health.

Cocount-Oil Teaspoon








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