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Canine CPR

Canine CPR

Safety is important to consider when you have a dog.  Even when we are vigilant, sh*t happens.  What if there is an emergency?  Heaven forbid, your dog is lying on the floor and doesn’t seem to be breathing.  Would you know what to do?  It is always a good thing to know what to do in case an emergency arises. Most people don’t know how to perform CPR on dogs. I wrote a pet tech article called, Apps for Dog Owners which features four great apps that provide first aid instructional assistance.  The following video provides a great demonstration of canine CPR using the correct techniques.



Dr. Andrew Jones has numerous learning material that you may be interested in purchasing.  Some items include freebies.  For information on Dr. Jones’ other learning material, see my article Veterinary Secrets Revealed.


CPR For Cats & Dogs Instructional Video covers new recommendations, the Heimlich Maneuver, and basic CPR techniques.  You can find plenty of free videos online, but if you want one for your own library to keep, this is an excellent choice.

CPR Secrets

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Pet First Aid Secrets – Complete Canine & Feline First Aid Manual is a manual that teaches you what to do in case of an emergency.

Pet First Aid Secrets

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