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Can Dogs Put Their Toys Away?

Can Dogs Put Their Toys Away?

Here’s a scenario for you. You walk into a room and find a bunch of toys strewn all over the place. You roll your eyes and you say, “I wish you could clean up after yourself” and then proceed to clean up the mess. How many of you experience this on a daily basis?

This gadget is called The Tidy Dog. It is a toy box that is designed to trains your dog to clean up. It works on 4 AA batteries. This pet tech has sensors which detect when toys are dropped into the toy box. When a toy is dropped in, treats are dispensed. I would use treats that have as few ingredients possible. Kibble is very unhealthy because of its melamine and cyanuric acid toxicity and other issues. You might like to read about aflatoxins, mycotoxins, and other toxins so that you can understand some of the dangers of commercial pet food.



This device has been featured on several websites including CNET. At present, the company is in its beginning stages. They was successfully funded on KickStarter. The gadget has begun to sell on The Tidy Dog. Originally the price was $99.99, but they are offering the discounted price of $64.99.

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