Why a Raw Diet is Vital

Our dogs are becoming sicker and sicker.  Obesity, cancer, colitis, diabetes, digestive issues, skin issues, dental issues, organ diseases, and the list goes on and on.  Why are our dogs so sick?  Diet is directly linked to the health of our dogs.  What’s healthy?  What’s not?  What type of food keeps dogs healthiest?  I choose Barfworld dog food.  Maybe watching this video will help you understand why I made that choice.  The video in this article is from the UK.  It provides the most comprehensive information about dog food that I have found (that won’t put you to sleep).  Yes, it is around 45 minutes, but it is worth the time to watch.  It helps you to understand what the best diet is for dogs and why.  So…  what is the BEST diet?  It’s no wonder why I feed my dogs the Barfworld raw diet.  Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but BARF is the acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.  I have information at the end of the article about ordering the food if you choose to switch to the best.

The following video is a long one, but it is the most comprehensive video I have seen about dog.  Although it is a UK video, it addresses the same dog food issues that plague us in most westernized areas in the world.


What things do I disagree with in the video?
I STRONGLY disagree with the concept of feeding vegan and vegetarian diets to dogs.  I am in agreement with holistic vets who are well-versed in nutrition and not trained through programs funded by the big pet food manufacturers.  The dogs can get nourishment when these diets are carefully implemented, but I believe and many others agree that the SOURCE of nutrients are extremely important.  Similarly, as humans can get all our nutrients from vitamins and powders, but the best source of those nutrients are derived when we consume fresh food sources which contain those vitamins and minerals.

I also disagree that dogs should eat cooked food.  Egg whites are the only exception that I could think of.  Egg whites contain a gycoprotein called avidin.  It binds well to biotin (vitamin B7) and could lead to a biotin deficiency.  Blah, blah, blah…  Anyway, lightly cooked egg whites or raw yolks are fine.  The reason why cooked foods are not as beneficial to dogs is because when food is cooked, nutrients are destroyed.  Dogs are NOT humans and nutritional needs and requirements than we do.  Dogs require a biologically appropriate diet to fit their species in order to maintain optimal health.  Barfworld is a product I have used for years.

Barfworld Food and Package

One of the experts (who works in the commercial pet food industry) states that these large commercial pet food manufacturers produce some excellent food that promotes long healthy lives.  This guy went so far as to state that many dogs on “good” commercial diets live well into their 20’s in perfect health.  Hmmm.  I’d love to see the research to back that one up (if it exists).

Another professional states that brown rice is rich in nutrients.  There is NO need for rice or any grains in a dog’s diet.  This is a biological fact.  In fact, here in the USA manufacturers are selling the “no grain” gimmick.  You see, grains keep prices of food down.  They serve as inexpensive fillers which increase profits.  Rather than replacing grains with biologically appropriate sources of nutrients, they put in potato instead which is still a cheaper alternative to healthier ingredients.

I was able to negotiate a promotion for my blog community which gives you to a free gold membership for 3 months which entitles you to free shipping for 3 months along with other sales and promotions.  This could be a savings of approximately $75 in shipping costs.  In order to get the free 3 month gold membership, just call 1-866-282-2273 (BARF) and mention the essentiallydogs.com 3 month gold membership.  Again, this promotion is for my readers.

They are VERY knowledgeable at Barfworld.  They provide free telephone consultations so you can gain an understanding about raw diets and their products.  They will advise you on portion size for your specific dog’s requirements and address any questions you may have about raw diets and making the transition.  Barfworld also has a selection of supplements and other products as well.  You can read more in my article The BEST Dog Food for Beginners to learn more about the Barfworld diet.


Raw Paws Tubes FramedFor more advanced raw feeders I recommend Raw Paws.  You can read more about their food in my article The BEST Dog Food for the Advanced.  In that article I discuss the Raw Paws diet which requires more work because of preparation.  Barfworld comes in the form of patties and nuggets.  While some of Raw Paws food is available in the form of patties, the price (pound per pound) is quite higher than the bulk (which takes some time to portion out).  Some advanced raw feeders prefer to add their own whole food supplements.  The Barfworld diet already contains whole food supplements while Raw Paws doesn’t.



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