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Best Boots for Snow & Salt

Best Boots for Snow & Salt

Winter paw protection is essential. If another person stops me on the street and asks me about the boots I have for my dogs I think I will go crazy. I got the BEST paw protection for the snow and salt in the winter time. I bought PAWZ boots. These rubber boots are so cool. Basically, they are balloons designed to put onto paws for protection from the snow and (more importantly) the salt. The salt that is used to melt ice during the winter months is very unsafe. Even the “pet friendly” ice melting products are highly toxic. Ice melting products can be extremely painful for many dogs from the moment of contact. I have tried various boots on my dogs, but neither of them can walk normally in them. Everything has been too bulky for my little girls. Not only are most boots bulky and awkward for dogs to walk in, the material on the bottom does not enable dogs to feel the ground.

Pawz Medium DogsPAWZ are waterproof and come in seven different sizes. They are also disposable and biodegradable. These boots are reusable; I have put them onto my dogs three times so far. I rinse them off after each use, but the first time I rinsed them I wanted to wash the inside as well. The following day I noticed that they sort of stuck together from the inside. I should have made sure they were puffed out while drying. Now I only wash the outside. I also rinse my dogs’ feet when we return from walks just in case they got salt above the boots.

Pawz Big Dogs

Putting them on is a pain in the ass. Even with the instructions provided it still takes time and patience. Be sure to measure your dog’s feet correctly before ordering. The size I bought was too small, but I was still able to get them on. I am going to buy the next size up tomorrow as they need to be replaced from time to time.

I will be trying out a paw salve from Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve. They carry products for dogs and people online and in a handful of stores in Ohio which is where the small company is based. In a couple of weeks I will let you know how it goes.

Below see the sizing chart:


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