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Apps for Dog & Cat Emergencies

Apps for Dog & Cat Emergencies

Apps are constantly being created for pet owners.  Some of the apps are very useful while others are a lot of fun to play around with.  Pet apps are becoming widespread as many are free and can be easily downloaded to iPhones and Android phones.


The PetSaver App:

PetSaver App was created by Pet Tech.  The app stores all of your pet’s information.  Pet owners can store all medical history, vet information, instructions for the pet-sitter, and other information relating to the family dog or cat.  The app can be downloaded to an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Androids, and Windows 7 phones.  The company created the app in order to provide pet owners with a vital tool to guide you if an emergency arises.  Some of the emergencies they address in the app include heatstroke, poisoning, seizures, and fractures.  The app provides step by step instructions along with audio to guide a pet owner through the appropriate procedures necessary to save your pet.


The PetSaver app also has a “Snout-to-Tail Assessment” which teaches pet owners how to examine their pets.  You can learn how to look for various indicators of health issues through 23 specific checks and learn how to look for signs of tumors, diabetes, and other health-related problems.  The app also enables the pet owner to take pictures of their pets physical injuries so that they can be monitored (i.e., surgery, limping…).  The pet owner can see the progression of healing over a period of time.  All pictures and assessment results can be logged into the app and kept along with your pet’s medical records.

The app provides instructions for several other important things including checking vital signs, obtaining urine and stool specimens, muzzling your dog, and information about dental disease.

There is also a section for poisonous plants, foods, and household items.  For example, if your pet eats one of your plants, you can browse through the plant section.  You will see a pictures of the plants and the app will tell you what symptoms to look for and provide instruction so that you can treat your pet immediately.

The app is not free, but I think it is well worth the cost of $4.99

They even have PetSaver international training classes so that people can learn about pet first aid and CPR.  These classes are taught by professional instructors in several locations across the USA.  You can search for your closest center at the PetSaver Class List.


The First Aid App by American Red Cross:

First Aid by American Red Cross.  Although Jive Media has an app of the same name, these apps are not related to one another.  The app contains instructional videos and step-by-step instructions for handling dog or cat emergencies.  It also has advice which provides tips on administering medication and behavioral issues.  It contains instructional material through text, images and video for 25 pet situations.  If your pet requires further medical intervention, the app can direct you to the nearest vet.  If you need to find a hotel, the nearest shelter, a local vet, or a local pet store, this American Red Cross First Aid app has the capability to provide that information, but for those specific features require internet access.  If you wish to email your dog’s vet records or email lost dog posters to a printer, you would need wifi.  This app is available for $0.99 and can be downloaded to iPhones, Androids, iPads, and the iPod Touch.


First Aid App. American Red Cross





My Thoughts:

Personally, I feel that the PetSaver app is everything you would need bundled into one.  It seems to be cover everything you could possibly need for your pet.  For the $4.99 you get a lot for your money.  The app is also supported by iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Androids, and Windows 7 phones.  I have a Windows 7 phone so it is the only app out of this small bunch that I would be able to download to my phone.  Don’t tell me to upgrade my phone.  Everybody is on my back about it.  In due time.

The First Aid (by American Red Cross) app is  compatible with the Android or the Windows 7 phone.  It’s $0.99 and it offers a nice combination of tools.  It doesn’t seem to be as comprehensive as the PetSaver app, but I think that it does a good job.  It is like the Paw Card app and the Pet First Aid app rolled into one.  Sorry, but this app is not compatible with Windows. is an educational resource, and all information herein is strictly for educational purposes. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure disease, nor is it meant to replace the (prescribed) veterinary treatment. Always inform your veterinarian or healthcare provider of any products that your pet is taking, including herbal remedies and supplements. Please do plenty of research so that you may equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to be an effective advocate for your dog’s well-being.

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    1. Janie

      Hi Sue-
      Thank you so much for the correction!!! I went to their website to verify the information. I just made the edit in my article. Most people don’t take the time to give feedback about corrections. Thank you for taking the time.

  1. Terry

    Hi, the Petsaver sounds great but do you have to have internet service to access it? I don’t keep a data plan on my iPad all the time, so if I went camping I wouldn’t have access to wifi. Would it still work?

      1. Janie

        I JUST spoke to Thom from Petsaver. He explained to me that only certain features require internet access. Those features are: Finding a hotel, the nearest shelter, a local vet, or a local pet store. This American Red Cross First Aid app also requires wifi in order to email your pet medical records to a vet if an emergency arises or to email lost posters to a printer. All other features do not require internet access.

  2. Christina

    Does the pet saver app sync w ipad? PC? W cloud or Dropbox. I used the Pet First Aid app a lot and was very happy but suddenly no syncing no updating automatically age of pet and no customer support- it doesn’t show up in the App Store either

    1. Janie

      Hi Christina-
      Thank you for visiting my blog! The app is compatible with the iPad. As far as your other questions, I tried to find the answers. I couldn’t figure it out so I emailed the company. I hope to hear from them soon so that I can give you a complete answer to your questions.

      1. Christina

        Hi I have tried numerous times to email them and not gotten anything back –
        As far as the pet saver app my question is more about if it will sync with the other devices (ipad) through either the cloud or Dropbox. The sync feature is most important so you are not entering info twice or multiple times / I use my phone my ipad my mini ipad and my pc so I don’t want to have to enter vet info that many times. The old ap would sync

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