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Mother's Day 3 2013 CloseupI am a former special education teacher who always experienced great joy through helping others. I decided to take my life into a different direction and decided to groom dogs as a hobby until I began writing.  I earned my grooming certificate from the international Nash Academy.  My grooming certificate was signed by a celebrity in the world of dogs, Joey Villani who not only taught us about grooming, but taught students about health and safety for dogs.  I no longer groom dogs as I have focused on this website and educating people.

I learned a great deal about health through the experience of carefully observing the quality and condition of each dog’s physical attributes.  This experience along with my love for dogs has driven me to educate dog owners about making the best decisions to optimize the health and well-being of their dogs.

Through this website, my goal is to empower dog owners with health and safety information in order to make sound decisions on behalf of their pets.  This is so important, especially at a time when the pet industry and the media constantly bombard us with an overwhelming amount of information, some of which can be dangerously misleading.  Having the right information allows us to approach our dogs’ care more proactively. 

There are common practices that the majority of traditional vets engage in that are not ethical and should be questioned.  One of many examples is vaccine abuse.  You don’t get mumps vaccines each year for the rest of your life, but most vets are doing just that to our dogs.  I have some very critical articles about vaccines.  Food is another issue that most vets neglect to study because vet programs are funded by corporations like Hills.  As we equip ourselves with the knowledge to ask veterinarians the right questions, and to explore our options beyond traditional veterinary medicine, we are in a better position to demand the best care for our dogs. 

Although I have a great interest in health issues of dogs, I also focus on a plethora of other issues including gadgets, pet tech, and dog products.

Aside from extensive reading of the top icons in the veterinary field, I have completed coursework.



I successfully completed Dr. Jones’ Natural Animal Care course.  This course included the study of herbs, homeopathy, acupressure, massage, natural home remedies, food and nutrition.  Dr. Jones offers many worthwhile courses.


Cerificate Animal Course


I successfully completed the Pet Food Nutrition Specialist course and achieved the designation of Certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist from Dogs Naturally.



Let’s all love our pets as much as they love us.
Janie Lerner


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