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A Dog Poop Toy

A Dog Poop Toy

Are they kidding???  I cannot believe that they are trying to pass this toy off as a game that teaches how to be a “responsible pet owner.”  I don’t know.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s just me.  The toy is manufactured by a UK company called, John Adams.  The toy is a plastic dog that poops.  The “food” is given to the dog by stuffing it into its mouth.  The “bone” is inserted into the dog’s mouth like a plunger as deep into the throat as possible.  The die is cast and the player squeezes a pump according to the roll of the die.  The pump is attached to a lead.  The manufacturer suggests that younger children might need to use two hands.  Eventually the “poop” travels and passes though the dog’s butt.  If the “food” gets stuck, they suggest running warm water through it, using a long tool to shove down the throat and push it through the body, or (this is the best one) blow it out through the mouth.  Does this toy really teach anything?  I can’t even imagine it as a gag gift (no pun intended).  I must admit that I cracked up when I saw it.  What are your thoughts?





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